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Richard Kalvar’s Selected Writings

Disunited for eternity. Huntsville, Alabama, USA, 2012.
If you were already lost before you got here, now you're really in trouble. Paris France, 1976.
A very long train. Staten Island, New York, 1970.
...means "I don't like to be touched." Tokyo, Japan, 1983.
"Death to the..." whatever. Paris métro, France, 1987.
Con Edison electric company local office. New York, USA, 1970.
Parrochial school. Joyful parade. Brooklyn, New York, USA, 1976.
Stop! Le Bois-Plage, Île de Ré, France, 2000.
Information display on the Champs Elysées. Paris, France, 1987.
Presidential Election Graffiti Sign. ("Votez Merde" = "Vote Shit") Paris, France, 1994.
Self-portrait at newsstand. Italy, Rome, 1980. All Images © Richard Kalvar / Magnum Photos