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Three Perspectives on Ethics in Image-Making

Sim Chi Yin CHINA. Beijing. Aug. 24, 2011. Twenty-two-year-old, Ren Liang, back to camera, eats a home-cooked dinner in his basement room with two friends visiting. Faced with sky-high property prices, living (...)
Sim Chi Yin Master Yan, middle, and his students, Song Zhifei, right, and Li Guoqiang, left, practice the Chinese martial art of Wushu in his basement training room in west Beijing. Mr. Yan, who declined to gi (...)
Sim Chi Yin CHINA. 2012. Ever since former gold miner He Quangui, 41, became ill 10 years ago, his wife Mi Shixiu, 36, has had to take care of his every need and the family. When he is too sickly to walk, she (...)
Sim Chi Yin Big Rain, 21, a KTV lounge worker, is seen in his basement room beneath Beijing’s north Third Ring Road. Originally from Heilongjiang in China’s northeast, he’s been in Beijing for the past year. F (...)
Sim Chi Yin Jing Ranming, 18, cross-talk performer, actor, from Liaoning. Jing Ranming: The Foreign Girlfriend and the Bentley Jing Ranming is the stand-up comedian equivalent of a child athlete. Since he (...)
Sim Chi Yin Mi Shixiu cradles He Quangui's head as he's struggling to breathe. He eventually recovers his breath. But in the wee hours of the next morning, he tried to kill himself to end the suffering. --- (...)
Sim Chi Yin Former gold miner He Quangui, who has incurable silicosis from years of blasting rock in illegal mines, once weighed 65kg and is now a skeletal 44kg. He sits on a stool while his wife Mi Shixiu hel (...)
Sim Chi Yin CHINA. 2012. Arriving at a hospital seven hours' drive from his remote village in the mountains, former gold miner Mr He Quangui struggles at the foot of a flight of stairs to get to the room where (...)
Sim Chi Yin CHINA. 2012. Four months after surgery on both lungs (in February 2012), Mr He Quangui, who has incurable silicosis from his years as a gold miner in small, illegal mines, and his wife Mi Shixiu ar (...)
Sim Chi Yin Left: A border guard in his sentry post on the China-North Korea border, close to a suspected North Korean missile base, October 2017. / As seen from the Chinese side, a guard inside a sentry borde (...)
Sim Chi Yin Left: Hatches over silos which in the 1970s held missiles meant to shoot down incoming Soviet warheads, North Dakota, November 2017. / A missile field in rural North Dakota near the Canadian border (...)
Sim Chi Yin USA. November, 2017. A Titan II Missile in its silo at a former intercontinential ballistic missile site in Arizona. / A Titan II Missile in its silo at a former intercontinential ballistic missile (...)
Sim Chi Yin ‘Cuban Missile Crisis Matryoshka Dolls’. These artifacts were created by an unknown artist who painted important figures in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis onto traditional Matryoshka dolls. US Presi (...)
Sim Chi Yin A family takes a walk and goes fishing in an area in southern Malaysia now covered with giant sand dunes. The Danga Bay area is earmarked for a massive residency and commercial development, with mu (...)
Sim Chi Yin Left: The pyramid-shaped Missile Site Control Building stands in the middle of the Stanley R Mickelsen SAFEGUARD Complex. This anti-ballistic missile defense site -- the only one of its kind to be (...)
Sim Chi Yin CHINA. Gansu. 2013. From "Shifting Sands". Mounds of sand and earth with electric pylons in them are left after much building material was dug up and moved from this patch in the Lanzhou New Are (...)
Sim Chi Yin From "Shifting Sands", 2017 - on-going. Land reclamation works are on-going at this area of Tuas, Singapore's westernmost area where a new massive container port -- the world's largest in the next (...)
Sim Chi Yin MALAYSIA. Johor. 2017. From "Shifting Sands", 2017 - on-going. Tractors plough through piles of sand which have been deposited by sand barges at the Forest City development — a joint venture bet (...)