Social Issues

Watching Me, Watching You

Surveillance footage captures at the central surveillance center. From left: the 'Bronx', an area where drug users and homeless gather. Center: surveillance camera footage of the surveillance cente (...)
Security cameras downtown (left) and at the old home of Pablo Escobar (right).
An area known as 'The Bronx,' where homeless people and drug users congregate, seen from a passing police car.
State surveillance cameras in Medellin. The main thoroughfares in the central part of the city have 360 degrees coverage from surveillance cameras.
The central surveillance hub for the city of Medellin. All images shot in Medellin, Colombia, 2022 © Peter van Atgmael/Magnum Photos.
Constant sense of watching and being watched in a barrio in Medellin. It is controlled by a small drug gang, who largely make a living selling cocaine to students from the nearby university.
Live surveillance footage photographed at the central surveillance hub.