Magnum Digest

The Magnum Digest: October 9, 2020

Stuart Franklin | FRS2020007G03220-1280x826 A&E Consultant Jasmin Cheema (in green) helps to stabilize a trauma patient with suspected COVID. West Middlesex University Hospital at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. London. UK. 2020. © Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos
Abbas World Heavyweight Boxing Championship between American fighters Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. On the right: Muhammad Ali, throwing a punch. Kinshasa. Zaire. October 30th 1974. © Abbas | Magnum Photos
W. Eugene Smith Takak Isayama, a 12 year old fetal (congenital) victim of the Minamata Disease, with her mother. Minamata. Japan. 1971. © W. Eugene Smith | Magnum Photos
Hannah Price My sister Sarah's feet. Fort Collins, Colorado. USA. 2013. From the series, "Semaphore". © Hannah Price | Magnum Photos
Hannah Price Kayla and Zane. New Jersey. USA. 2018. From the series, "Semaphore". © Hannah Price | Magnum Photos