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The Magnum Digest: August 2, 2019

Emin Özmen Dr. IIhan Uzgel was a professor at Ankara University, in the faculty of Political Science until Febuary 7, 2017. Dr. Uzgel and 6,000 of Turkey's 150,000 acadmeics were fired. Now he writes for onli (...)
Emin Özmen Canberk Gurer, 31, at his office at Human Rights Joint Platform. He was an academician at Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences, known as Mulkiye, until he was fired on February 2017 afte (...)
Cover of August 5, 2019 edition of TIME. Image © Patrick Zachmann
Ferdinando Scianna A box of oranges. Palagonia. Sicily. Italy. 1984. © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos