Diana Markosian Holding a cane in his right hand, Movses Haneshyan, 105, slowly approaches a life-size landscape. It's the first time Movses is seeing his home since he fled during the genocide of 1915. © Diana Markosian | Magnum Photos
Diana Markosian Once the capital of an ancient Armenian Kingdom, Ani, was known as the "city of 1,001 churches." After the genocide, Turkey cut Armenia from its history, with no mention of who built or inhabited i (...)
Diana Markosian The Ottomans turned much of modern-day Turkey into a killing field. An archival image of massacred Armenians taken by US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau. Turkey. 2015. © Diana Markosian | Magnum Photos
Diana Markosian A portrait of the Sargysyan family in Kutahya, Turkey, before they were deported in 1915. Armenia. 2015. © Diana Markosian | Magnum Photos
Diana Markosian In the shadows, Haydarpasa train station. On April 24, 1915, Ottoman authorities arrested several hundred Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul. From Haydarpasa train station, they were sent to Ayas a (...)
Diana Markosian The waters of the Akhurian River trace the border between present-day Turkey and Armenia. The river is a tributary to the Araks, which Armenians crossed over to escape the massacres of 1915. Turkey (...)
Diana Markosian A hand-drawn map of Kebusie, a tiny village on Musa Dagh Mountain, a site of resistance during the 1915 deportations. Movses and his father fled from the village to Syria in 1915. A century later, (...)
Diana Markosian Armenia. 2015. A life-size landscape revealed to Movses of his former home in Turkey. Haneshyan escaped his village of Kebusie as a child. I followed a hand-drawn map he had given to me to find h (...)
Diana Markosian Yepraksia Gevorgyan, now 108, escaped by crossing the river to what is now present-day Armenia. She watched the Ottomans kill the Armenians, throwing their bodies into the water, which she describe (...)
Diana Markosian Armenia. 2015. Yepraksia holds an image of the location from whence she recalls escaping with her family. This is the first time she has seen it in 100 years. © Diana Markosian | Magnum Photos
Diana Markosian Upon seeing an image of his home, Movses caresses the billboard, as if by holding it close, he will be taken back to a place he called home. Armenia. 2015. © Diana Markosian | Magnum Photos
Diana Markosian Armenia. 2015. Mariam spent most of her life moving back and forth between her home in Armenia and visiting relatives in Syria. She never again saw the place where she was born. Her one request: "G (...)
Diana Markosian Turkey. 2015. The town of Sason, Turkey was a major site of massacres. Once populated predominately by Armenians, the district is now inhabited by a handful of hidden Armenians, many unaware of the (...)
Diana Markosian Armenia. 2015. A century later, Yepraksia can't help but cry when recalling the events of 1915. “You’re lucky you didn’t see it,” she says. © Diana Markosian | Magnum Photos