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Magnum & Friends: SPS returns

Sanele taking a break. Johannesburg, South Africa, 2022 © Lindokuhle Sobekwa/Magnum Photos.
A wall crumbles down after having been set on fire, presumably by the IRA. West Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1978 © Abbas/Magnum Photos.
A plane flies low over students riding a train at a funfair over the weekend. Istanbul, Turkey, August 29, 2018 © Sabiha Çimen/Magnum Photos.
Dad on Sofa. From the series 'Pictures from Home,' 1984 © the Estate of Larry Sultan.
The Star Tease, Tunbridge, Vermont, USA, 1975. From Carnival Strippers Revisited © Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos.
Agbako. From the series, 'This is What Hatred Did.' Lagos, Nigeria. 2013 © Cristina De Middel/Magnum Photos.
Audrey Hepburn. Durango, Mexico, 1959 © Inge Morath/Magnum Photos.
Blackbirds, 2006. From the book 'My Dakota' © Rebecca Norris Webb,
Olatz Garmendia. Lecce, Italy, 1990 © Ferdinando Scianna/Magnum Photos.
A sandstorm near Ramadi. Baghdad, Iraq, 2003 © Magnum Photos/Jérôme Sessini.
Youth with a stone during a riot at the top of Leeson Street in the Catholic area. West Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1978 © Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos.
#10282-a. Lake Erie, Buffalo, New York, USA, 2011 © Todd Hido.