Magnum provides visual gravitas to Dylan’s dark soundscape

Children in a movie theater. USA, 1958 © Wayne Miller/Magnum Photos.
Tuesday Afternoon on South Halsted Street. Chicago, USA, 1947 © Wayne Miller/Magnum Photos.
ob Dylan outside his Byrdcliff home in Woodstock, New Jersey, USA, 1968. Shot on infrared film. Image © Elliott Landy/Magnum Photos.
Love Story. USA, 1952 © Dennis Stock/Magnum Photos.
At the Abilene bus depot in Texas, a teenager quickly sips a malted milk during a break © Dennis Stock/Magnum Photos.
Youth riding the subway. New York City., USA, 1979 © Danny Lyon/Magnum Photos.
On the ferry directed to Staten Island. In the background: Manhattan. New York City, USA, 1981 © Raymond Depardon/Magnum Photos.
Homeless March for shelter. Missouri, USA, 1986 © Eli Reed/Magnum Photos.
Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, 2010 © Alex Webb/Magnum Photos.
Boys playing on a hill overlooking Bethlehem. Palestine, West Bank, 2007 © Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos.
Hyde Park, London, UK, 1978 © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos.
Jeanette's hands. Arlington, Virginia, USA, 1945 © Wayne Miller/Magnum Photos.
New York City, USA, 1963 © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos.
Wembley, London, UK, 1975 © Ian Berry/Magnum Photos.
A baby's first five minutes, Port Jefferson. Mother holds her child's hand. Long Island, USA, 1959 © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos
Two brothers meet after being separated by the wall. Berlin, West Germany, Christmas time, 1963 © Ian Berry/Magnum Photos.