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A new collection of timeless photographs is available now in 8x10’’ format for the first time. These images are available as a limited edition of 100 prints, and once sold will never again be available at this size.
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Limited Edition 8x10'' Prints

Why do people buy art? Perhaps as an investment, or based on a personal connection – perhaps the subject matter has a particular resonance. Irrespective of motive, for many, buying into the art market remains an aspiration. Magnum Photos has, since the mid-'80s, sold prints with prices starting at approximately $1,500. Magnum Editions is a range produced with the utmost care and excellence, offering the same quality that you would expect in a fine print, at a more affordable price.

The first collection of Magnum Editions features unforgettable photographs from 16 Magnum photographers. These images reflect some of the diversity of practice among Magnum’s members: capturing events and individuals pivotal to world affairs, personal reflective moments, levity, and the beauty of everyday moments.

The 16 images are available as 8x10" Magnum archive stamped, archival pigment prints, now in a limited edition of 100 each. Selling for $399, unframed, these limited edition prints will never be available at this size and price again.

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