In the mid-1970s, London became the epicenter of a rebellious musical and cultural movement that would come to be known as punk. Emerging as a raw and unapologetic response to the perceived excesses of mainstream rock and societal disillusionment, punk rock quickly took root in the city’s underground scene.

Punk was not merely a musical genre; it was a statement of defiance against established norms. The movement rejected the polished sound and elaborate stage setups of the prevailing rock acts, opting instead for a do-it-yourself ethos that celebrated simplicity and authenticity. Bands like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Damned became the flagbearers of this new wave, channeling the frustrations of a generation into their blistering, high-energy performances.

Aware of this explosive new movement, photographer Peter Marlow created a body of work that illustrated the punk identity. Pictured here, punks at an Adam and The Ants gig at The Roxy, a nightclub that would play an important role in the early days of the most well-known bands that shaped the Punk sound.

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