Book and print signed by Elliott Erwitt. Both indicate AP for Artist Proof. One of only 5 artist’s proofs of this limited edition collector’s book and print. Directly from Elliott Erwitt’s personal library.

Each “Collector’s Edition” comprises a special edition copy of Snaps that is cloth bound and presented in a cloth bound box with an original, made and signed by Elliott Erwitt. See all available Snaps Collector’s Editions.
In the print Valencia, Spain, 1952 Erwitt manages to capture an intensely private moment between Robert Frank and his wife Mary in a sun-dappled Valencian kitchen.

The book contains over 500 pictures, over half of which have never been published before, Elliott Erwitt Snaps is a unique and comprehensive survey of his work. From famous images such as Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon arguing in Moscow in 1959 and Marilyn Monroe with the cast of the movie The Misfits, to his many more personal images of places, things, people and animals, Erwitt’s unmistakable, often witty, style gives us a snapshot of the famous and the ordinary, the strange and the mundane over a period of more than half a century, through the lens of one of the period’s finest image-makers.

The book is arranged in nine chapters, each with a one-word title: Look, Move, Play, Read, Rest, Touch, Tell, Point, Stand. For Erwitt, whose photography is a study and celebration of life, these are the basic actions of life – the things people do. The photographs are not intended to illustrate the words, but the words act as a means of grouping and organizing, making broad connections and also playing with pun and ambiguity, in keeping with the visual games Erwitt plays.

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