Spend two days listening to Magnum photographers and photography experts

2 x 25-minute slots

One-to-ones with industry professionals

Network building

Get your work showcased on the Magnum Learn IG channel and engage in discussions with your peers

How does it work?

During the first weekend, you will engage in practical lectures given by four industry professionals, show your work to the invited Magnum photographer, see a presentation of their work and participate in discussions. Breakout rooms will give possibilities to carry out discussions in smaller groups.

The following weekend, each participant will have two one-to-one meetings of 25 minutes each with the invited speakers. During these consultations, the speakers will provide you with an honest, and constructive critique of your existing work. Breakout rooms will be available for participants who want to show their work to their peers and continue the discussions started the weekend earlier.


To book, visit the individual workshop pages by clicking on the thumbnail below. Topics include: Editorial Photography (November 2020); Bookmaking (January 2021); Personal Projects (March 2021); Commercial Photography (April 2021); The Working Photographer (May 2021).

Individual workshop prices: $420 (incl. VAT) except for The Working Photographer workshop (May 2021) which costs $310 (incl. VAT).

Discount: Anyone buying all four first courses will be given free access to The Working Photographer workshop.

Full programme to be released soon.

To be added to the mailing list and for information on prices and programme, please contact Sonia Jeunet: sonia.jeunet@magnumphotos.com