One Hour Slots

Spend one hour of personal photographic coaching with your selected Magnum Photographer

Pre-Review Advice

Presentation by Magnum educators Shannon Ghannam and Amber Terranova on preparing for a portfolio review to enable you to get the most out of your time

Platform for your work

Magnum Photographers will select their favourite portfolio and this work will be showcased on the Magnum website

How does it work?

How you use the hour is up to you and based on your requirements. We will brief the photographer on this in advance so they are well prepared. You will be sent a Zoom link and directions on how to join. You will then be able to share your screen to show your work; the photographer will also be able to share their screen or use Picter Workspace to help you edit and sequence your images if needed.

Booking your review

To book, visit the individual reviewer pages by clicking on the reviewer portrait below. Each page details the individual preferences of the reviewers and a link to apply for a slot to see that photographer. Each Magnum photographer will see ten photographers only during this two-day event. Places will be allocated based on your application. Applications are free. The deadline for applications is September 16th. Applicants will receive an answer to their application by September 17th, 2020. The price of the portfolio review is $350 (incl. tax) to be paid on acceptance of the application.