Are you about to embark on a personal photographic project and would like to review your ideas and approach with an expert? Do you have a long term project that you need help editing and sequencing? Are you a mid-career photographer struggling to figure out your photographic vision or where you are going next with your career?

This online portfolio review will help photographers identify their next step — from finding your photographic voice, to the process of discovering and making a long-term project that you’re passionate about, to practical advice on getting your work seen by the right people.

Each Magnum photographer will see 10 photographers only during this two-day event. Places will be allocated based on your application. Applications are free. The deadline for applications is July 8th. Applicants will receive an answer to their application by July 10th, 2020. The price of the online portfolio review is $350 (incl. tax) to be paid on acceptance of the application. The offer includes a “Preparing for a Portfolio Review” presentation and a 60 minutes one-to-one online portfolio review.  We will do our best to accommodate your timezone and schedule.

This 60-minute online portfolio review offers:

  • Guidance on technical, ethical, theoretical and aesthetic issues
  • Ideas Development
  • Editing and Sequencing
  • Workflow
  • Output and presentation
  • Professional Practice
  • Online Networking

The long term projects I would like to engage in could be driven by several simultaneous trains of thought. How do we address the world around us and express it in our own language? How do our voices as visual storytellers evolve when the social purpose of the photographs is paramount? A wide selection of images helps to progress personal projects toward their conclusions, often, but not always, in book form.

Larry Towell

About your reviewer

Larry Towell's business card reads 'Human Being'. Experience as a poet and folk musician has done much to shape his personal style.

In  1984 he became a freelance photographer and writer focusing on peasant rebellion  and landless. He is the author of fourteen books including: No Man’s Land,which won the Prix Nadar, The Mennonites, which was awarded the British D & AD and El Salvador, which won the US Golden Light Award. The World From My Front Porch was acknowledged as one of the best books of 2008 by Photo-Eye and Photo District News. His most recent book Afghanistan (Aperture) was credited as one of the best ten photo books of 2014 by The New Yorker and TIME Magazine. Other photography and visual arts awards include: the inaugural Henri Cartier-Bresson, a Hasselblad, Oskar Barnak, Alfred Eisenstadt, a W. Eugene Smith grant for Humanistic Photography and the Canadian Paul de Hueck and Norman Walford Career Achievement Award. In 2008 he won an Achievement in Film making from the New York Independent Film and Video Festival for Indecisive Moments.

His work has been exhibited and collected internationally by The George Eastman House, The Getty, The Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson (Paris), Vancouver Art Gallery, the Art Gallery Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), The Canadian Museum Of Contemporary Photography, The Archive Of Modern Conflict (UK), FOAM (Amsterdam), The Kunsthalle Erfurt (Germany). National Portrait Gallery (Edinburgh), and The Stephen Bulger, Leica and Zelda Cheatle Galleries in Toronto, New York, and London.

Larry is also know for his innovative live  performances incorporating original music poetry, video, and stills.

He joined Magnum in 1988, and served as vice-president of the New York office from 2007 to 2010 and from 2014-2016. He remains the only Canadian member.

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