“Who does the revolution belong to? What do we own if not our bodies? What is ours?” writes Mona Eltahawy of Myriam Boulos’ first project. Pitched from the midst of a community in turmoil, What’s Ours reads both as question and declaration, as protest and plea.

Tracing the turbulent landscape of the 2019 revolution in Lebanon, through the devastating consequences of the Beirut port explosion in August 2020, What’s Ours is a powerful ode to tenderness in the face of violence and political upheaval. Feeling her way through the smog of political corruption, police brutality, and a layered and diverse Beirut; Boulos finds strength and clarity in softness. It is here, nestled amongst the daily onslaught of trauma, grief and fear that she uncovers an irrepressible lust for living, for freedom. With mortality made manifest, all that is physical shines brighter, with urgency and with yearning. What’s Ours finds power and truth in touch, in desire, in life itself.

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