Leave or remain? That was the question Britain had to answer in 2016 when faced with a referendum on remaining a part of the EU.

Martin Parr went to meet the inhabitants of areas that voted overwhelmingly to leave. The photographer paints a mischievous, but kindly portrait of his fellow citizens, from those hard at work in various key and endangered industries to people displaying their patriotism at rest, even down to their clothing. The diversity of the people and the scenes captures the complexity of the Brexit question. The exhibition highlights the polarisation of opinion in the UK, visualised at its height outside the Houses of Parliament, where Parr went to photograph Remain and Leave supporters. They gather daily in various forms of clothing and temperament in the hope of persuading the politicians (and the population passing by) that their opinion is the right one. 

Through this year’s exhibitions selection, the Vannes Photos festival intends to question the link to a territory, to a community, ecological concerns, or even the place of new technologies and scientific advances in our daily lives.

With photography, I like to create fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society's natural prejudice and giving this a twist

Martin Parr

Vannes Photo Festival
Bastion de Gréguennic
Place de la Poissonnerie
56000 Vannes

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