A series of online workshops, each organized over two weekends, whose focus is on demystifying the business of the photography industry, establishing a professional network of industry contacts, understanding the requirements of the market and identifying realistic routes into photographic employment.

The first workshop in the series will focus on editorial photography.

How to get assignments in a challenging editorial market
21 & 22 November (lectures) – 28 & 29 November 2020 (consultations)

Learn from industry experts how to approach the editorial market, develop and refine a portfolio, improve your storytelling skills, how to approach editors, how to interpret a brief and manage your copyright and contracts. Each speaker will talk in details about their jobs, how their work with photographers. They will give practical tips and insights on how to approach editors, and will also talk about how they have managed assignments during this lockdown period.

With Magnum photographer Lorenzo Meloni, Liza Premiyak (Managing Editor, The Calvert Journal), Emanuela Mirabelli (Photo Editor, Marie Claire Italy), Christian Gogolin (Senior Photo Editor, GEO Germany), Rasha Kahil (Creative Director, How to Spend It).
See their individual biographies at the end of this page.

How does it work?

During the first weekend, you will engage in practical lectures given by four industry professionals, show your work to Lorenzo Meloni, see a presentation of his work and participate in discussions. Breakout rooms facilitate more involved discussions within smaller groups.

The following weekend, each participant will have two meetings of 25 minutes each, conducted one-to-one with the invited speakers. During these consultations, the speakers will provide you with an honest and constructive critique of your existing work. Breakout rooms will be available for participants who want to show their work to their peers and continue the discussions initiated the previous earlier.

All sessions are taking place online and will be moderated by Sonia Jeunet, Magnum’s Education Manager.


$420 USD (including VAT)
Applications are open on a first come first served basis and limited to 36 participants.

Apply here


Applications for the scholarship are now closed.

This workshop offers:

– Lectures by Lorenzo Meloni and industry experts
– Two one-to-one sessions of 25 minutes each with experts
– Networking opportunity
– Group portfolio reviews

This workshop is for both amateur and professional photographers.


Saturday 21 November – 1-6pm GMT
Introduction to the course, house keeping
Lectures and Q&A with industry experts

Sunday 22 November – 2-7pm GMT
Participants show their work to Lorenzo Meloni
Lecture by Lorenzo Meloni

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 November
One-to-one reviews – 25 minutes per participant, on appointment
Participants are present only at the time of their appointment.
Break-out rooms available for participants to meet with peers during the weekend

About the Professional Practice Weekends Series:

Magnum Photos’ Professional Practice Series is a series of online photography workshops, each organised over two weekends and whose focus is on demystifying the business of the industry, establishing a professional network of industry contacts, understanding the requirements of the market and identifying realistic routes into photographic employment.

Led by Magnum photographers and industry professionals, the programme presents valuable training opportunities for early & mid-career photographers.

The series is divided into five workshops, all taking place online. Each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of the industry (such as bookmaking or commercial and editorial assignments) and is designed to encourage discussions and networking opportunities.

Topics include: Editorial Photography (November 2020), Bookmaking (January 2021), Personal Projects (Mars 2021), Commercial Photography (April 2021), The Working Photographer (May 2021).

Full programme to be released soon. To be added to the mailing list and for information on prices and programme, please contact Sonia Jeunet:

About Lorenzo Meloni

Lorenzo Meloni is known for his searing, artfully drawn photography covering conflicts in the Middle East. Though he is often working on the frontline—he has covered some of the most pivotal battles in the war against the Islamic State—he is also concerned with deeper themes, such as history and post-colonialism.

Meloni was born and raised in Rome. After having worked as an IT security engineer for several years, he decided to follow his passion for photography. In 2008, he began studying photography and was initially interested in documenting local gangs, rappers and raves. However, his focus soon moved to the conflicts in the Middle East. He worked for TIME magazine, L’Espresso and Internazionale, covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 2009, Yemen’s rapid decline in 2010 and the Arab Spring in 2010.

In 2011, he finished his photography studies and immediately joined Contrasto, a major Italian photographic agency. He lived in Beirut from 2012 to 2014 and dedicated himself to long-term projects regarding the aftermath of the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, the conflict in Syria (specifically the area of Rojava) and its impact in Lebanon, between 2014 to 2016. His work currently focuses on the consequences of the Sykes-Picot agreement and the military and political intervention of the West in the Middle East.

Meloni’s work has been exhibited in festivals worldwide including the Venice Biennale, Visa pour L’Image, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Boutographies and Fotoleggendo and has been featured in global publications including The Telegraph, TIME, Le Figaro, Vanity Fair, Internazionale, L’Espresso, La Repubblica.

See a recent conversation between Peter van Agtmael and Lorenzo Meloni on Magnum’s IG channel


Industry Speakers

Christian Gogolin
Christian Gogolin is a Senior Photo Editor at GEO magazine Germany with many years of expertise in producing, directing, and researching high-quality imagery. The emphasis of his work is on visual storytelling, portrait and still life across multiple distribution channels, print and digital publications. Apart from his job at GEO magazine he also works as a freelance photographer, specializing in portrait and editorial photography.

Rasha Kahil
Rasha Kahil is the Creative Director of How To Spend It, Financial Times.
Prior to working at How To Spend It, Rasha co-founded Barbara, a design studio and served as art director of ES Magazine during its highly successful relaunch in February 2016. She has twelve years experience in fashion editorial, working for titles including British Vogue, Elle, and Dazed & Confused.

Emanuela Mirabelli
Emanuela Mirabelli is the Photo Editor of Marie Claire Italy magazine, where she publishes a variety of projects, from documentary photography to new languages in contemporary photography, from established artists to emerging talents. She lectures about photography in various courses and teaches photo editing. She is regularly invited to do portfolio reviews in Italian and international festivals and she is a jury member of international photo awards.
She worked as the Executive Director of Carla Sozzani Gallery, the leading photography gallery in Milan before becoming Photo Editor of Marie Claire Italy.

Liza Premiyak
Liza Premiyak is a London-based writer and Managing Editor at The Calvert Journal, the world’s leading English-language magazine for culture, photography, and travel relating to Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia, and Central Asia. Her writing has also appeared in The Art Newspaper, Apollo, Magnum Photos, Port Magazine, among other arts publications.


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