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Led by curator and visual editor Marc Prüst and featuring a lecture by Magnum photographer Cristina de Middel, this online seminar will provide you the practical tools to successfully develop a photo story in challenging economic environments.

Drawing from the conclusions of his research project “Tell Your Story”, Marc Prüst discusses how you can take control of your project and its outputs by looking at various forms of storytelling. Prüst shares how to identify the right format for your story, which platforms are ideal for publishing your project and how branding and marketing can help you get your work seen.

Cristina de Middel will share her experiences of creating her stories and books: how does she identify the story? How does she find partners to cooperate with? How does she use social medias?

Join this seminar to explore how to make agile photographic projects driven by a knowledge of the market and photographic landscape from their outset; Learn all about how to choose a subject for a project, which narrative formats work in today’s photographic economy, and ways to take control over, and produce, your own projects.

“Instead of complaining about the media approach I started creating the versions of reality that I would love to find in the kiosk” – Cristina de Middel


Wednesday 5 May – 3pm – 4:30pm CET / 9am – 10.30am EDT / 9pm – 10.30pm HKT
Introduction by Marc Prüst
Photography as visual language
How to identify your story and the right way of telling it
How to develop your project

Thursday 6 May – 2pm – 3pm – 4:30pm CET / 9am – 10.30am EDT / 9pm – 10.30pm HKT
Lecture and Q&A with Cristina de Middel

Friday 7 May – 3pm – 4:30pm CET / 9am – 10.30am EDT / 9pm – 10.30pm HKT
The photographer as producer: how to find the right platforms to publish your story, how can branding and marketing can help

All attendees of the online seminar will receive a pdf outlining the content of the course and giving extra resources.

Moderated by Sonia Jeunet, Magnum’s Programme Manager


$99 USD (including VAT)

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About the Professional Practice Weekends Series:

Magnum Photos’ Professional Practice Series is a series of online photography workshops, each organized over two weekends, whose focus is on demystifying the business of the industry, establishing a professional network of industry contacts, understanding the requirements of the market and identifying realistic routes into photographic employment.

Led by Magnum photographers and industry professionals, the programme presents valuable training opportunities for early & mid-career photographers.

The series is divided into five workshops, all taking place online. Each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of the industry (such as book-making or commercial and editorial assignments) and is designed to encourage discussions and networking opportunities.
Topics include: Editorial Photography (November 2020), Book-making (January 2021), Personal Projects (March 2021), Commercial Photography (April 2021), Photographic Foundations (May 2021).

For information on prices and programme, please contact Sonia Jeunet:

What people say about the Professional Practice Series:

“Very informative and productive. The advice I received from both reviewers was really helpful and opened my eyes to a lot of areas I hadn’t considered before.”

“The weekend with Sonia was totally great. It was a good opportunity to share our thoughts about important issues and to know opinions of the others. It was formative and inspiring and Sonia moderated the room respectfully and inclusively.”

Cristina de Middel (...) Cristina de Middel

About the speakers

Cristina de Middel

Cristina de Middel investigates photography’s ambiguous relationship to truth. Blending documentary and conceptual photographic practices, she plays with reconstructions and archetypes in order to build a more layered understanding of the subjects she approaches. Working from the premise that mass media is reducing our real understanding of the world we live in, De Middel responds to an urgency to re-imagine tired aesthetic tropes and insert opinion in place of facts.

Her impulse for an unconventional angle developed after a 10-year career as a photojournalist when De Middel stepped outside of straight documentary and produced the acclaimed series The Afronauts (2012). It explored the history of a failed space program in Zambia in the 1960s through staged reenactments of obscure narratives, challenging the traditional depiction of the African continent.

De Middel’s ongoing project Gentleman’s Club (which began in Rio de Janeiro in 2015 and has now expanded to every continent around the globe bar Australasia) focuses on prostitution’s less documented side: the male clients. Her intimate portraits of these men subvert the paradigms of the status quo to provide new sources of insight and understanding. As well as her acclaimed personal projects, De Middel has worked on commission for clients including The Nobel Peace Foundation, Christian Dior, Vanity Fair USA, Vogue USA and FC Barcelona.

De Middel was born in Spain and is based between Mexico and Brazil.


Marc Prüst
Marc Prüst is active as visual story editor and photography curator. He collaborates with photographers to help them develop their concepts, prepare the creation and editing of their work. He produces visual stories in a variety of formats: books, exhibitions, or other projects. He is also a teacher and organizes workshops and masterclasses as well as lecturing and writing on photography.

His research into sustainable business models for documentary photographers was published in January 2020 in ‘Tell your story - A new role for photography in a changing market’.

In September 2018, he organized and art directed the first Nuku Photo Festival Ghana in several cities in Ghana, with the main venues in Accra and Tamale.

He was the Artistic Director of the Photoreporter Festival in Saint Brieuc, France, from 2014 to 2016. He curated several exhibitions including 'ALEPPO' on view at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam from March 2017 tillMarch 2018, ‘North Korean Perspectives’ on show in 2015 at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands and the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. He was one of three curators for the FotoGrafia festival in Rome (2010 – 2012), and the Creative Director of LagosPhoto, Nigeria in 2010 and 2011.

Marc has worked for the World Press Photo Foundation from 2001 to 2007, where he organized and installed exhibitions all over the world. In 2005 he was responsible for the exhibition and award winning publication ‘Things As They Are, Photojournalism in Context since 1955’, for which he worked in close cooperation with curator Christian Caujolle and editor Chris Boot. In 2007 he moved on to Agence VU’ where he was mainly responsible for the international cultural activities of the agency. In 2009 he left the agency to start working as freelance curator, consultant, and educator.

Sonia Jeunet
In her previous life, Sonia Jeunet was a librarian and archivist. A month spent in Afghanistan in 2008 working on Aina’s agency’s digital photography archive convinced her she wanted to work in photography and with photographers. She is now the Education Manager at Magnum Photos where she oversees the organisation of photography workshops. Since joining Magnum in May 2018, she has produced more than 20 workshops in the UK and abroad. She has worked with leading industry professionals and institutions and has engaged with more than 300 emerging photographers. Sonia has more than 12 years’ experience working in the photography industry. Prior to Magnum, she worked as photo editor and creative producer for Panos Pictures (London) and NOOR (Amsterdam).

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