A series of online workshops, each organized over two weekends and whose focus is on demystifying the business of the photography industry, establishing a professional network of industry contacts, understanding the requirements of the market and identifying realistic routes into photographic employment.

Excellent. So much information and amazing people giving the lectures. Definitely filled a gap in my knowledge.

The second workshop in the series focuses on book-making.

From editing and design to marketing and distribution
23 & 24 January (lectures) – 30 & 31 January 2021 (consultations)

Join Rafal Milach and four experts over two weekends and learn from the best publishers and photobook designers about the market as they cover design, editing, how to approach publishers, modes of production and budgets.

Rafal Milach has published nine photo books so far. His 10th book, titled I AM WARNING YOU, will soon be released. Photobooks are central to Milach’s practice; he sees them “not only as a way to display images, but as a complete gesture emphasizing the idea of the project”. His award-winning photobooks include The Winners, 7 Rooms, The First March of Gentlemen and most recently Nearly Every Rose on the Barriers in Front of the Parliament, published in 2018.

With STANLEY/BARKER (Publishing House), Alexa Becker (Acquisitions Editor, Kehrer Verlag), Ramón Reverté & Lea Tyrallová (Editorial RM) and Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine.

How does it work?

During the first weekend, you will engage in practical lectures given by four industry professionals, show your work to Rafal Milach, see a presentation of his work and participate in discussions. Breakout rooms will facilitate more involved discussions within smaller groups.

The following weekend, each participant will have two meetings of 25 minutes each, conducted one-to-one with the invited speakers. During these consultations, the speakers will provide you with an honest, and constructive critique of your existing work.

During the second weekend, Sonia Jeunet will moderate an ongoing conversation over the two days during which each photographer can engage in conversations around ethics, copyright, how to improve a website, negotiating price, editing a project, preparing a pitch and many more.

All sessions are taking place online and will be moderated by Sonia Jeunet, Magnum’s Education Manager.


$420 USD (including VAT)
Applications are open on a first come first served basis and limited to 36 participants.

Apply here

What people say about the Professional Practice Series

“Very informative and productive. The advice I received from both reviewers was really helpful and opened my eyes to a lot of areas I hadn’t considered before.”

“The weekend with Sonia was totally great. It was a good opportunity to share our thoughts about important issues and to know opinions of the others. It was formative and inspiring and Sonia moderated the room respectfully and inclusively.”


We offer one scholarship opportunity for this workshop.

Applications for the scholarship are now closed.

This workshop offers:

– Lectures by Rafal Milach and industry experts
– Two one-to-one sessions of 25 minutes each with experts
– Networking opportunity
– Group portfolio reviews

This workshop is for both amateur and professional photographers.

Last spots available. 


Saturday 23 January 2021 – 1-6pm GMT
Introduction to the course, ‘housekeeping’ guidelines
Lectures and Q&A with industry experts

Sunday 24 January – 2-7pm GMT
Participants show their work to Rafal Milach
Lecture by Rafal Milach

Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 January
One-to-one reviews – 25 minutes per participant, on appointment

Sonia Jeunet, Magnum’s Education Manager, will be available throughout the two days to answer questions.

About the Professional Practice Weekends Series:

Magnum Photos’ Professional Practice Series is a series of online photography workshops, each organised over two weekends and whose focus is on demystifying the business of the industry, establishing a professional network of industry contacts, understanding the requirements of the market and identifying realistic routes into photographic employment.

Led by Magnum photographers and industry professionals, the programme presents valuable training opportunities for early & mid-career photographers.

The series is divided into five workshops, all taking place online. Each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of the industry (such as book-making or commercial and editorial assignments) and is designed to encourage discussions and networking opportunities.

Topics include: Editorial Photography (November 2020), Book-making (January 2021), Personal Projects (March 2021), Commercial Photography (April 2021), The Working Photographer (May 2021).

Full programme to be released soon. To be added to the mailing list and for information on prices and programme, please contact Sonia Jeunet:

Rafal Milach (...) Rafal Milach

About Rafal Milach

Rafal Milach’s work explores themes of history and transformation—particularly within the former Soviet bloc—using a myriad of mediums such as photography, conceptual art, books, video and curation. Though he initially tackled subjects through a traditional documentary perspective, his later projects draw on a more conceptual approach.

Milach was born in 1978 in Poland, and grew up during the collapse of the Soviet bloc. He studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, before ‘falling in love’ with photography the first time he picked up a camera. He later studied at the ITF Institute of Creative Photography of the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, where he is currently a lecturer.

Milach’s earlier projects focus on smaller, intimate stories. In 7 Rooms (2004-2011), he captured daily life of generation caught up between the mentality of the old Soviet regime and the up-and-coming Russia of the Putin era. More recently he has become interested in larger themes such as propaganda, political manipulation and eroding democracy. His project Refusal (2010-ongoing) is a growing collection of various models and situations dealing with power structures.

Photo books are central to Milach’s practice; he sees them “not only as a way to display images, but as a complete gesture emphasizing the idea of the project”. His award-winning photo books include The Winners, 7 Rooms, and The First March of Gentlemen and most recently Nearly Every Rose on the Barriers in Front of the Parliament, published in 2018. Milach has received scholarships from the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Magnum Foundation, European Cultural Foundation. He was the finalist of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2018 and winner of the World Press Photo competition. Milach is the co-founder of Sputnik Photos collective.

His works have been widely exhibited in Poland and worldwide, and can be found in the collections of the MoMA Warsaw, CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, the ING Polish Art Foundation, Kiyosato, the Museum of Photographic Arts (Japan), and Brandts in Odense (Denmark).

Milach has been an associate member of Magnum since 2020.

Industry Speakers

Alexa Becker

Alexa Becker is the Acquisitions Editor for photography and art books for Kehrer Verlag. Having obtained her Master's in Art History from the University of Heidelberg, she started her career at Kehrer in 2003, where she is responsible for selecting and acquiring new photography-related projects.
Mrs. Becker provides artistic and marketing advice for photographers concerning the content and style of their work at several international portfolio reviews. She enjoys helping photographers and others appreciate the special qualities present in their work - in particular discovering novel, genuine visions of the world.

Mrs. Becker offers the point of view of a European art book publisher and is familiar with the overall art and photography market. As an acquiring editor for Kehrer, she is interested in projects that are based on a personal approach by the photographer towards the subject matter without it being evidently biographical.
She is interested in seeing any of the above-mentioned types of projects.
Mrs. Becker serves at several international portfolio reviews as a reviewer and is a frequent juror at various online juries.

STANLEY/BARKER is a publishing house founded in London by Rachel and Gregory Barker. From their studio in the heart of the English countryside, they produce a select list of highly individual publications each year, including Christopher Anderson Approximate Joy, COP and Pia, Trent Parke The Crimson Line and Jim Goldberg Fingerprint.

STANLEY/BARKER is known for the care and attention to detail applied to each publication, several of which have been selected for awards, including Judith Black Pleasant Street – Shortlisted for the 2020 Paris Photo Aperture Book awards, Sunil Gupta, Christopher Street 1976, Shortlisted for the 2019 Paris Photo Aperture Book awards, The Lucie Photo Book Prize and Les Rencontres d'Arles book Award, and Tod Papageorge Studio 54, shortlisted for the 2015 Paris Photo Aperture Book awards.

Gregory Barker is a publisher and Artistic Director based in England. He is a Co-Founder of STANLEY/BARKER, the UK’s leading independent publishing house dedicated to photography. Gregory graduated from London College of Communication and has also been the Commissioning Editor of Hotshoe photography magazine since 2010.

Rachel Barker is Co-Founder of STANLEY/BARKER. Rachel graduated from Central Saint Martins, Byam Shaw School of Art, and went on to work with companies such as Blurb, Prestel publishing and as Head of Marketing and PR for Leica Camera. As Director of STANLEY/BARKER Rachel oversees its editorial output and Marketing and publicity, utilising both her photographic and business expertise and knowledge.

Editorial RM 
Founded in 1999, RM is an independent publishing house based in Mexico City and Barcelona.
Our catalogue includes more than 400 titles with an output of 25 books per year. We focus on photography, art and Latin American literature.
We are the proud publishers of Juan Rulfo, an extraordinary writer and photographer.
Since photography is our main interest, we publish books by artists from all over the world and our goal is to give visibility to Latin American and Spanish photography.

Ramón Reverté is the editor in chief and creative director of Editorial RM & Lea Tyrallová is the head of production of Editorial RM in Spain, photographer and associate photo editor for Absynt publishing house in Slovakia.

Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine
Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine is a French book designer and photographer.
After leading the design and production of the books at MACK during 5 years, he’s been working independently for publishers in the art and photography sector, contributing to award-winning books by artists such as Alec Soth, Joan Fontcuberta, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Guido Guidi, Paul Graham, David Campany, Albarrán Cabrera among others, and collaborating with institutions ranging from the Tate to Le Bal, the Hasselblad Foundation to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Jeu de Paume to the Centre national des arts plastiques.
The third book of his own artistic work, Double Orbit, is due in the Spring of 2021, following The Significant Savages (RVB, 2011) and A Perpetual Season (MACK, 2014).

Sonia Jeunet
In her previous life, Sonia Jeunet was a librarian and archivist. A month spent in Afghanistan in 2008 working on Aina’s agency’s digital photography archive convinced her she wanted to work in photography and with photographers. She is now the Education Manager at Magnum Photos where she oversees the organisation of photography workshops. Since joining Magnum in May 2018, she has produced more than 20 workshops in the UK and abroad. She has worked with leading industry professionals and institutions and has engaged with more than 300 emerging photographers. Sonia has more than 12 years’ experience working in the photography industry. Prior to Magnum, she worked as photo editor and creative producer for Panos Pictures (London) and NOOR (Amsterdam).

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