Now in its sixth year, the Creative Documentary and Photojournalism course with Magnum Photos and Spéos Photo School is open for application. This intensive course will take place in Paris from September 2021 till July 2022, and will culminate with a graduate show at the Magnum Photos gallery in Paris.

The program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in documentary photography and/or photojournalism, in the Magnum Photos tradition of visual storytelling.

Students will work on a project under the mentorship of a Magnum photographer while attending workshops and lectures by various Magnum Photographers including Susan Meiselas, Peter van Agtmael, Thomas Dworzak and Jérôme Sessini, to name a few.

The formal program is delivered by Spéos and its appointed teachers.

Classes and Content:

Photojournalism and Documentary
Computer Imaging
Image Management and Publication
Studio for Photojournalists
Printing Techniques
Essentials of Photography
Tutoring Magnum Photos
Story Telling: Words & Images
Expert Module: The Photo Business
Expert Module: Advanced Photo Reportage

“Before joining this program, I can say that I knew how to tell stories, but I didn’t know anything about photography. Nothing, zero.
Telling stories trough photography is a totally different thing. And now with what I learned from all the Magnum Photographers, I can start telling stories photographically.”
Pedro Levier, 2019-2020 Alumni

Experts Modules & Arles Photo Festival

The Expert Modules aim at deepening knowledge of all aspects of the photographic industry, with an emphasis on how to market and commercialise your work. Each module takes place over several weeks, in June and July and during this time you will receive tips and advice directly from industry experts.

*Titre de Photographe RNCP level 7 – code NSF 323 t
This program is registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP).


Price: €30,000

Contact and Application

For enquiries relating to this course please email or click here.

Left: Patrick Zachmann. The Jewish community. Mr FRIEDMAN electrician and (...) Yiddish poet, with his wife. Paris, Rue Richer, France. October 1981. Right: Patrick Zachmann. Young woman in the front seat of a taxi, separated by a wire net as protection for the driver against aggressions. Guangdong, Canton, China. 1992.

About the Tutors

For more than 40 years, Patrick Zachmann has produced acclaimed, long-term projects that use photography and film to explore themes of memory, identity and immigration. He has documented the Chinese Diaspora, Jewish identity and the plight of migrants in Marseilles, all the while pushing himself to subvert his ‘style’ by working with both analogue and digital, colour and black and white, and using multimedia formats. “I don’t want to repeat myself like many photographers do by developing a special style,” he says of his practice.

Zachmann was born in 1955 in Choisy-le-Roi, France and became a freelance photographer in 1976. In 1982 he began an in-depth project on the Naples police and mafia, which resulted in his first monograph, Madonna! (1983), accompanied by a fictional novel inspired by his pictures. Following that he began a seven-year study of Jewish identity in France—finishing with his own family—which resulted in his second book, Enquête d’identité. Un Juif à la Recherche de sa Mémoire / Investigation of Identity. A Jew in Search of his Memory (1987).

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