The reviews with Moises Saman will be held in English or Spanish.

Are you about to embark on a personal photographic project and would like to review your ideas and approach with an expert? Do you have a long term project that you need help editing and sequencing? Are you a mid-career photographer struggling to figure out your photographic vision or where you are going next with your career?

This online portfolio review will help photographers identify their next step — from finding your photographic voice, to the process of discovering and making a long-term project that you’re passionate about, to practical advice on getting your work seen by the right people.

Each Magnum photographer will see 10 photographers only during this two-day event. Places will be allocated based on your application. Applications are free. The deadline for applications is September 16th. Applicants will receive an answer to their application by September 17h, 2020. The price of the online portfolio review is $350 (incl. tax) to be paid on acceptance of the application. The offer includes a “Preparing for a Portfolio Review” presentation, a 60 minutes one-to-one online portfolio review. We will do our best to accommodate your timezone and schedule.

This 60-minute online portfolio review offers:

  • Guidance on technical, ethical, theoretical and aesthetic issues
  • Ideas Development
  • Editing and Sequencing
  • Workflow
  • Output and presentation
  • Professional Practice
  • Online Networking

“Finding your own singular voice as a photographer can be a lifelong pursuit. As life itself, this journey is filled with ups and downs, and moments of extreme frustration or doubt, followed by great leaps forward that reinforce your vision and commitment to your work. After more than 20 years immersed in the pursuit of my voice, I believe that the great leaps only happen after you understand your own failures, and embrace doubt. I would not have arrived at this realization without the advice and attention of others, and for that I remain forever grateful.

I look forward to working with you: in addition to discussing your photographs, we will have an open conversation about how to overcome the inevitable obstacles that are part of our work.” – Moises Saman


About your reviewer

Moises Saman blends traditional conflict photography with a deeply personal point of view. For more than ten years, he has been concerned with the humanitarian impact of war in the Middle East, documenting both the front line of daily suffering and the ‘fleeting moments on the periphery of the more dramatic events’. Saman was born in Lima, Peru, from a mixed Spanish and Peruvian family. At the age of one, his family relocated to Barcelona, Spain, where Moises spent most of his youth. Saman studied Communications and Sociology in the United States at California State University, graduating in 1998. It was during his last year in university that Saman first became interested in becoming a photographer, influenced by the work of a number of photojournalists that had been covering the wars in the Balkans.  

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