During many years of running workshops, one of the common challenges we have seen participants face is how to edit and sequence their work, how to approach editors, how to manage their workflow and understand how to archive their images for professional use. In short, how to make the transition into becoming more professional in your photographic practice.

The “How to be a Working Photographer” workshop proposes to look at these questions in details. To guide you over these three days, we have invited Magnum photographer Emin Özmen and photo editor and curator Cloé Kerhoas to join us. Individually and as a duo, they will take you behind-the-scenes of their practice and share insights and guidance on how they have worked successfully in collaboration and for clients.

We will look at workflow (what happens after you’ve taken your images) and post-production, we will study how to create convincing pitches and look for funding, and on the last day, we will spend the whole session talking about editing. Editing is a highly subjective art, which, when mastered, will enhance your story, give depth to your images and lead to a greater impact on your audience.

Participants should come prepared with questions on how to organize their archive, the use of Photoshop or Lightroom softwares, how to pitch to commissioning editors and fund projects. They should also be able to supply one body of work which will be used on the last day for the editing and sequencing exercise.

“The combination of Emin and Cloé was just perfect. Both passionate about what they do and very sincere and gracious.”

This workshop offers:

  • An overview of an organised workflow
  • Post-production exercises
  • Guidance on how to organise a photographic archive
  • Guidance on how to prepare a pitch
  • Guidance on how to write funding applications
  • Editing and sequencing lab
  • Group portfolio reviews


Please note that the same workshop will take place twice:

Friday 03 – Sunday 05 September 2021

Friday 10 – Sunday 12 September 2021

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Day 1: Emin Özmen (6 hours – from 2pm GMT onwards)
– Lecture by Emin Özmen
– How to prepare for an assignment + How to develop ideas for a personal project
– Shooting tips + Post production (Photoshop)
– How to organise an archive
– Workflow

Day 2: Cloé Kerhoas (6 hours – from 2pm GMT onwards)
– Workflow (continuing from the previous day lecture)
– The importance of captions and text
– How to pitch for magazines
– How to write funding applications
– How to build a network + The importance of websites and social media

Day 3: Emin Özmen + Cloé Kerhoas (6 to 7 hours – from 2pm BST onwards)
– Editing exercises & Group portfolio reviews

Moderated  by Sonia Jeunet, Magnum’s Programme Manager.

Scholarship Opportunities:

Applications for scholarships are now closed.

Participants’ feedback (from the March workshop):

“A massive thank you for your insights and advice on the Working Photographer course. I really appreciated your openness and honesty. It was very obvious that you really wanted to help people develop themselves.”

“Thank you so much for hosting the Magnum How to be a Working Photographer Workshop. It was so inspiring and helpful to hear your stories and learn from your experiences. The advice you provided about pitching, networking, and how to improve my photographic skills was very insightful and will help me find clear direction in my career as a professional photographer.”

For me, there is something more important than good or bad photography. It’s about the quality of your character, it’s about your soul. I believe photography follows this and is already a reflection of who you are.

Emin Özmen


Emin Özmen is concerned with documenting human rights violations in his home country of Turkey and around the world. He aims to bring attention to the suffering of those who are victim to natural disaster, civil unrest and social injustice. Özmen studied photography in the Fine Arts Faculty at Marmara University of Istanbul. In 2008, he obtained a degree in Documentary photography at the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria. In 2011, he worked on famine in East Africa, on disaster of Japan Earthquake-Tsunami and economic protests in Greece. The following year, he started covering the Syrian civil war and IS crisis in Iraq, which he continues to document. Since then, he has worked in South Sudan, Niger, Nigeria, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Turkey among other countries. His work has been published by TIME magazine, New York Times, Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Le Monde magazine M, Paris Match, Newsweek, among others. Özmen has won several awards, among them two World Press Photo awards and Public Prize of The Bayeux Calvados awards for war correspondents. He was a member of the jury of 2016 and 2018 World Press Photo Multimedia contests. Özmen joined Magnum Photos in 2017. He currently lives in Istanbul.

Based between Turkey and France, Cloé Kerhoas is a freelance photography editor, educator, curator and photo consultant developing international projects. She studied Cinema, History and obtained a Master degree dedicated to the protection and the conservation of the Cultural Heritage. She has worked in renowned museums including at Mémorial de Caen (the biggest museum dedicated to contemporary armed conflicts) and at Christian Dior Museum. From 2015 to 2019, She has worked as Co-Director & Photo Editor at Agence Le Journal, a photography collective. Since then, she keeps dedicating her life to storytelling and documentary projects. She is the long-term collaborator of Magnum Photos photographer Emin Özmen. She mostly makes researches, write, edit and distribute his projects. She also works with him on the field on specific projects. She collaborated on a number of award-winning photo series. Emin and Cloé are recipient of a National Geographic explorer 2020-2021 grant. Cloé also enjoys mentoring and working with other photographers accompanying them in their projects and distributing them. Since 2020, she has been a member of the editorial board of Revue Epic, a French photo magazine. In order to develop photographer’s creativity and boost their careers, she is also leading workshops and portfolio reviews (for Magnum Photos, Speos and Ph Museum, amoung others). She has collaborated with top magazines and newspapers such as Le Monde Magazine, Time, Der Spiegel, L'Obs, Courrier International, Newsweek, Libération, CNN, Al Jazeera, among others.

Sonia Jeunet is Programme Manager at Magnum Photos where she oversees the programmation and organisation of workshops. Since joining Magnum in May 2018, she has produced more than 20 workshops, has worked with leading industry professionals and institutions and has engaged with more than 300 emerging photographers.

Sonia has more than 12 years’ experience working in the photography industry. Prior to Magnum, she worked as commissioning editor for Panos Pictures (London) and photo editor for NOOR (Amsterdam).

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