Customs information for orders placed during the Square Print Sale Hidden from October 26 to November 1, 2019

Import Taxes

The Magnum Photos Shop is located in the United States. Orders are produced and distributed from both New York and Paris. All customers in the EU will have their orders fulfilled from Paris. As such, customers in the EU should not pay any import taxes. Depending on where an order ships from, imports need to be declared when they arrive in the destination country, and may incur import tax. Magnum Photos and the Magnum Photos Shop is not responsible for and can offer no specific advice on import fees, duty, customs or taxes that you may be charged when your merchandise reaches you. We urge you to consult your local government import office with any questions.

EU Sales Tax

All customers in the EU will be charged sales tax during their purchase with Magnum Photos. This will be charged as per French sales tax at 20% with the exception of customers in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands who will be charged at the local sales tax rate in accordance with legislation at a country level. These will be applied automatically and customers will not be required to do anything.

Working Out Customs Fees

Outside of the EU and USA, customer’s orders may be subject to import duty or customs fees. When a customer from the USA or the EU purchases from Magnum Photos, they are paying the landed price for that product and will not be subject to any additional charges.

When a customer from outside the USA or the EU purchases from Magnum Photos they are paying the non-landed price and may be subject to any local import or customs fees. These are outside of the control of Magnum Photos and it is highly recommended that customers contact their local government office to get advice if concerned.