Larry Towell's Blood in the Soil is a folk record that is clearly the product of an image maker. It's not just that the album feels informed by Towell's experiences photographing in war zones, his home country and his backyard, but that each track subtly creates vivid visuals, conjuring up a context freighted with as much story and emotion as a great image. This is the fifth album from the Magnum Photos veteran, who has won over 35 international awards, photographed for numerous publications, including the New York Times, LIFE and Rolling Stone, and has had his work displayed in exhibitions across the North America and Europe. The thematic focus of Towell's photography can be traced throughout his music -- he has documented stories as brutal as the Nicaraguan Contra war, the disappeared of Guatemala, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the war in Afghanistan, but also stories as tender as the growth of his family and quotidian life on his Ontario farm. Accompanying Blood in the Soil is a DVD containing Towell images interspersed with footage from a live performance with The Henry's at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. The whole package -- DVD and CD -- presents Larry Towell as an artist of several mediums, with the lines often blurring between music, photography, poetry and performance. Signed by Larry Towell Media Details
Format: Audio CD & DVD

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