For this exhibition, Steve McCurry turns his ever so curious eye on creatures around the world. In Animals, we discover a different side to the famed photographer who skilfully explores the animals’ complex relationships with humans, a relationship extends back to our origins. Animals have always been essential to the human race, be it for food, for help or companionship. At the same time, our relationship to animals is also a threat to them, and to wildlife in general.

As the human race, with it’s exponential growth and the conviction that the world and it’s resources are ours for the taking, expands into the last untouched corners of the planet, we often neglect the fact that we also have duties and responsibilities towards the earth and it’s non-human inhabitants.

Through McCurry’s lens, we share an appreciation for each creature’s beauty and dignity. His photographs are a stirring tribute to the animals with whom we share life on this planet.

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