In the late 1960s Dennis Stock took to the road, succumbing to an urge to explore. “Many of us take to the road in motorhomes, trailers, on motorcycles or by hitchhiking. This itch to see ‘what is over the hill’ is something that I can easily relate to as a photographer,” he said. Stock was about to create a portrait of California during the peak of America’s countercultural heyday, from 1968-69. He photographed surfers, drop-outs, anti-war protesters, satanists, and civil rights activists. The work would become his seminal book California Trip. In this image from the project, taken at Venice Beach Rock Festival, Dennis Stock captures but one of the attempts of California’s non-conformists to reshape society according to the ideals of love and peace. He described the voyage through the Golden State as nothing less than extraordinary: “A recent trip blew my mind across this state of being, as I collected images along the way to remember the transient quality of the Big Trip.”

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