Born in Marseilles in 1961, D’Agata left home as a teenager and spent most of his adolescence exploring the world. At the age of 29 he moved to New York, and the following year enrolled in a photography course at the city’s International Center of Photography. Taught by the famed countercultural photographers Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, his tutors’ influence is evident in much of his work.

D’Agata’s work is often viscerally corporeal, centering the nude human body and all of its imperfections. However, in some of his photographs he manages to make his subjects look almost ghostly, and at times utterly extraterrestrial. This photograph, taken in Vilnius, Lithuania, is an example of the latter, a skeletal human body distorted to the point that it becomes something else entirely.

With signed and numbered Magnum Edition Poster Label.

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