In 1996, Sanguinetti began working on a project titled The Sixth Day, exploring life and death on a farm in the Pampas, just outside Buenos Aires. The work was an honest, emotive study of the relationship between humans and the domesticated animals they rear for slaughter. Sanguinetti said, “In the rural farmland of Argentina, this relationship is part of everyday life.”

The farm at the centre of The Sixth Day was owned by a woman whose granddaughters, a pair of nine-year-old cousins, would become the subjects of Sanguinetti’s life-long work, The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their dreams.

This photograph, “Ophelias”, was taken in 2001, early on in the Adventures project, during a period when the two girls were working out who they would become. “I’d photograph them at play,” she has said “and I started asking them to imagine what their future would be like – and then they’d act it out, like stars of their own life,” she says.

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