Born in Belgium, Depoorter graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent in 2009. She became a Magnum nominee in 2011 following the release of her first book, Ou Menya. Shot for her graduation project, the series was made up of portraits of people she met during three trips across Russia.

In October 2017, Depoorter spent the night in a famous Parisian strip club. There, she was introduced to Agata, a dancer, on the eve of her 24th birthday. The pair talked for hours, and that night Agata invited Depoorter to her home, where she took her portrait.

The pair met again in Paris, then again at the strip club, before making plans to continue their artistic collaboration in the future. They have since visited one another in Ghent and Paris, and travelled to Athens and Beirut, where this photograph was taken.

The trip resulted in numerous photographs of Agata in the Lebanese capital, swimming in the sea at night, wandering the streets and letting a man who Depoorter had met on the street kiss her breast. “Beirut was very special,” Depoorter has said. “Normally I don’t take so many pictures, but here it was an explosion.” The long-running collaborative project between Depoorter and Agata continued into 2020.

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