New York City is undergoing a surge skywards. The city currently has 21 buildings with roof heights above 800 feet, and seven of them have been completed in the past 15 years; three of those in the past 36 months. Magnum’s Christopher Anderson recently headed up to get a new, vertiginous perspective on a city he had lived in for many years, and to take a portrait of life in the lofty microcosm, glimpsing into private apartments, offices, a dental surgery, a yoga class, and the inner workings of the mammoth construction going into this new cloud-level colony.

The Magnum Distribution

Harking back to the analogue days of photo distribution, the Magnum Distribution is a full photographic story in an envelope.

Each pack contains eight 8×10” prints, hand-stamped with the Magnum Collection stamp and the photographer’s copyright stamp, and accompanied by a printed page detailing the story and individual captions.

Each pack is numbered from 1 to 100 on its envelope.

Price may increase as the edition sells.

Our contemporary version of the distro plays on the nostalgia of the press print, and makes the work of Magnum photographers available to purchase as an unsigned set of digital C-type prints, exclusively through the Magnum Shop, in a limited edition of 100.

Magnum Distribution sets are produced in New York from where they will ship

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