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Magnum Chronicles is a limited printed newspaper series, which aims to provide a new vehicle for exploring key issues in modern times, giving Magnum and its photographers a way to elevate their voice and experience as longstanding chroniclers of the world. Each newspaper will be curated by a different Magnum photographer, showcasing the breadth and depth of Magnum’s archive, combining contemporary images with archival ones to offer a unique perspective and context on subjects.

The aim is to create a series of intelligent, free and democratic publications that inform, engage and entertain. Each newspaper will present visual narratives on global, social and political issues through to lighter subjects of general interest. Each publication will also incorporate collaborations with experts and creatives across many disciplines and fields, and will be in several languages.

A Brief Visual History in the Time of ISIS bygraphers
Curator’s note by Peter van Agtmael

This is the first in an occasional series of publications entitled “Magnum Chronicles.” History and how we interpret it is constantly in flux, but there are moments that demand thoughtful reflection without expectation of definitiveness. Magnum Chronicles allows us to react to critical issues with a timeliness that is difficult in a full length book.

The rise and seeming fall of the Islamic State is the most recent chapter in an era of unraveling in the Middle East. ISIS has captured the world’s attention in a way that decades of colonialism, authoritarianism and the external meddling from both regional and global powers have not. Without minimizing the impact of their crimes on millions of people, this work seeks to place ISIS in the context of the long view of history.

Magnum photographers have been documenting conflict, politics and social issues throughout the world with depth and nuance for more than seventy years. The work of nineteen photographers takes us from the final years of the French mandate in Syria in 1941 to the fall of Mosul in 2017. Peter Harling, an expert on the region, contributes a pointed essay and timeline. While there is much left to say, we hope that this work provides perspective with layers of complexity that are often lacking.

The Chronicles newspaper will be distributed from a selection of cultural venues and bookshops across Europe (from 16th April) and the US (from late April, 2018). Please feel free to visit any of the following locations (during opening times only) to pick up a copy: Offprint Tate, London | Foyles Bookshop, London | Autograph ABP, London | Photographers’ Gallery Café, London | TJ Boulting, London | Claire de Rouen bookshop, London | Magnum talks at The Barbican, London | Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol | Magnum Print Room, London | Magnum Print Room, Paris | Stampa Gallery, Basel | Photobastei Zurich | Frontline Club and Restaurant, London | Deichtorhallen, Hamburg | Landesmuseum Giftshop and Bookshop, Zurich | ICP Museum, New York | Fotomuseum Winterthur Giftshop and Bookstore, Zürich. Further distributors will be announced in due course.

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