In the same year that the self-proclaimed caliphate Islamic State came into existence – 2014 – Lorenzo Meloni began tracing its wars, grabs for land and loosening grip on cities it sought to take. Meloni returned to Libya in July of 2016 and spent weeks covering the Libyan unity government’s campaign to capture the city of Sirte from ISIS forces. The latter has put up stiff resistance and resorted to using suicide car bombs and landmines to deter the attackers, resulting in high casualties. Libyan fighters had to methodically check every piece of captured property for traps. On August 1st, the United States confirmed that it had been supporting the battle for the city by carrying out air strikes against ISIS forces. On December 2016, Sirte was totally liberated from ISIS presence.

I follow the themes and places that I’ve always been interested in, and I work as hard as possible

Lorenzo Meloni
© Lorenzo Meloni | Magnum Photos

Lorenzo Meloni was born and raised in Rome.

His work currently focuses on the political balances of the Middle East and the consequences of its conflicts on the population. He moved to Beirut (2012 – 2014) and dedicated himself to long-term projects regarding the aftermath of the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, the conflict in Syria, with a certain attention to area of Rojava, and its consequences in Lebanon.

His work has been exhibited at Italian and international festivals such as the Venice Biennale, Visa pour L’Image, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Boutographies and Fotoleggendo and it has been featured in internationally prominent publications including The Telegraph, TIME, Le Figaro, Vanity Fair, Internazionale, L’Espresso, La Repubblica.

© Lorenzo Meloni | Magnum Photos

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