Heads of wax. Pilgrimage of Santo Cristo de la Agonia de Xende. Galicia, Spain. 1977.

Silver Gelatin Print

Image Size: 20.86 x 32.28 in (53 x 82 cm)
Paper size: 34 x 44.5 in (86.5 x113.5 cm)
Edition of 7 + 2 APs


The camera helps you, but the engine is your heart or your head. Having silver cutlery is not gonna make your food taste any better.

Cristina Garcia Rodeo
© Cristina Garcia Rodero | Magnum Photos
Cristina García Rodero was born in Puertollano, Spain. She studied painting at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Madrid, before taking up photography. She then qualified as a teacher and worked full-time in education. For the next 16 years, she also dedicated her time to researching and photographing popular and traditional festivities – religious and pagan – principally in Spain but also across Mediterranean Europe. In recent years, García Rodero has traveled around the world in search of other cultures with particular traditions, such as the Voodoo rituals of Haiti. . She has published several books and has been a member of the agency Vu for more than 15 years. Garcia Rodero joined Magnum in 2005 and became a full member in 2009.
© Cristina Garcia Rodero | Magnum Photos

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