Sim Chi Yin’s work combines deep research with intimate storytelling. She explores history, memory, conflict and migration using photography, film, sound, text and archival material, in a multidisciplinary practice. Speaking of this practice, Yin says “The magic in the intersection of time, light, life — and fate — still fascinates me, but I’m asking myself: whose truth is it, whose reality, whose fragile memories?”

© Sim Chi Yin | Magnum Photos

Sim Chi Yin (b. 1978) is a photographer and artist from Singapore, currently based in London and Beijing. Her practice integrates multiple mediums including photography, film, sound, text, archival material and performative readings. Combining rigorous research with intimate storytelling, Sim’s works often explore issues relating to history, memory, conflict and migration, and their consequences.

Sim Chi Yin  joined Magnum Photos as a nominee member in 2018 and is currently also a doctoral researcher on scholarship at King’s College London.

© Sim Chi Yin | Magnum Photos

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