Stuart Franklin ventured out onto precipices and into caves of over a dozen of Europe’s glaciers, with a large format camera, to document the haunting retreat of these ice goliaths. Franklin, with a phd in Geography, has a longstanding and in depth knowledge of climate change and the devastation it is causing. A view of the Krone glacier (right), the Kongs glacier (centre) and the Blomstrand glacier (left) calving ice onto the Kongsfjord, Norway, in 2007.

My photos aren’t didactic. They aren’t waving a flag, or trying to tell you what to think or what to believe. But they hopefully allow you to reflect, wonder, or dream

Stuart Franklin
© Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos

Stuart Franklin was born in London in 1956. His photographic career began when he started to work for Now Magazine, The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph Magazine in London and later with Agence Presse Sygma in Paris.

Franklin combines a direct documentary-style with a strong personal vision and has photographed some of the most important news events of the 21st Century as well as producing many acclaimed personal projects, exploring subjects relating to the Anthropocene. His core interest today is in producing work, mostly about nature-society relations, that is open to multiple interpretations.

He graduated with a first class degree in Geography from Oxford University and went on to complete his doctoral thesis there in 2001. Franklin was awarded a professorship in documentary photography in 2016. Franklin has also made films, including the feature-length documentary, Runners.

© Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos

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