Danny Lyon had ridden bikes since he was a student and had a 650 Triumph TR6 that weighed 400 lbs. He went to a meeting of the Outlaws in a bar and one of them asked him to join the club. “I’m very friendly,” says Lyon – “I did”. Lyon’s photographs of Outlaw gang members, helmetless with the wind in their hair on the open roads of America, or of candid moments at home in Chicago, capture a mythologized facet of American youth culture. Lyon’s ‘gonzo’ journalist friend, Hunter S. Thompson, no wallflower himself, wrote to him when he heard about Lyon’s latest project: “I think you should get the hell out of that club unless it’s absolutely necessary for photo action,” Thompson wrote. “I’ve seen the Angels work and they scare the hell out of me.”

©Danny Lyon | Magnum Photos

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