René Burri learned how to capture aesthetically pure, artfully composed objects at the Zurich School of Art and Design, under the tutorship of Hans Fisler, the master of subtle gray tones. “He was very rigid, telling us that if you want to make a picture, you clean everything out and come to the point you want to communicate with the picture,” said Burri. This “Bauhaus” style was partly in response to the austere post-war society of the early Fifties. Burri made numerous trips to Brazil over the years, and built up a comprehensive portrait of Rio de Janeiro in this same rigorously objective style, taking in its iconic coastline, vibrant nightlife and famous architecture.

Magnum Editions 8×10″ and Contact Sheet pairings allow you to follow the photographer’s process, frame by frame, giving insight into the decisions taken to create the final iconic image, sold alongside the contact sheet as an 8×10″ print. This pairing features photos of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1960.

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