A selection of historic Contact Sheets by Magnum photographers are available as high quality, unsigned, contemporary 16×20″ prints. These contact prints offer the opportunity to own a piece of Magnum’s history.

Micha Bar-Am’s contact sheet illustrates a pursuit organized by Israeli troops to find the perpetrators of an attack on Kibbutz Yad Chana. Shot in Kafr E-Labbed, Samaria, Israel, 1967, the images capture victims of the attack and the hooded informers, who were to identify the attackers hiding in the village. This contact sheet illustrates the entire story in one roll of film. These images portray 1960s Israeli and Arab culture and politics, as well as crime, law, and how justice is maintained.

Micha Bar-Am has been a Magnum Photos correspondent since 1968. Born in Berlin, he moved with his family to Israel – then Palestine – in 1936. His documentation of the Arab-Israeli War has been widely published in magazines and books. Micha Bar-Am was awarded the Robert Capa Award in 1959 and 1960.

Giclée print, 16×20”, stamped w. Uneditioned.

Reproducing the original without alteration and enlarged to a 16″x20″ paper size, these Magnum Contacts offer a unique insight into the methods by which our photographers produced some of their best known images, by clearly showing the sequence of frames and the marks of the editing process on each sheet.

These prints are embossed ‘Magnum Photos Collection’ on the white border in the bottom right corner and hand stamped with the photographers copyright on the back.

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