A selection of historic Contact Sheets by Magnum photographers are available as high quality, unsigned, contemporary 16×20″ prints. These contact prints offer the opportunity to own a piece of Magnum’s history.

In this contact sheet Jean Gaumy captures close up photographs of fishermen from the Spanish port of Zakhara de Los Atunes in 1992, illustrating the laborious yet industrial scale of industrial net fishing. A tuna battles for life inside the boat while a fisherman wrestles his grip inside the net.

Jean Gaumy has been a member of Magnum Photos since 1977. Much of his work has focused on human confinement.

Giclée print, 16×20”, stamped w. Uneditioned.

Reproducing the original without alteration and enlarged to a 16″x20″ paper size, these Magnum Contacts offer a unique insight into the methods by which our photographers produced some of their best known images, by clearly showing the sequence of frames and the marks of the editing process on each sheet.

These prints are embossed ‘Magnum Photos Collection’ on the white border in the bottom right corner and hand stamped with the photographers copyright on the back.

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