Inge Morath’s “A Llama in Times Square” image is one of her most iconic, originating from a magazine assignment for LIFE magazine in 1957. In its December 2, 1957 issue, the story was about a menagerie of television animals living at home with their trainers in a Manhattan brownstone.

John P. Jacob wrote of Morath’s image — “the full caption reads, “Linda, the Llama (sic) rides home via Broadway. She is just coming home from a television show in New York’s A.B.C. studios and now takes a relaxed and long-necked look at the lights of one of the world’s most famous streets.

Viewed alone, this image appears to have been a perfect example of being in the right place at just the right moment. In fact, as Morath’s contact sheet shows, it was the result of considerable work and forethought. An appearance of spontaneity, masking the reality of careful planning, is one of the prime characteristics of Morath’s work as photojournalist, and shows the degree of comfort that she was able to establish with her subjects while working on their stories.”

Inge Morath joined Magnum Photos in 1953.

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