Moises Saman has tracked the evolution of conflict in Afghanistan, observing the US troops presence and the resulting impact on the lives of Afghan civilians since 2001. Here, Marja’s new district chief Hagi Zahir (far left top) meets with local elders in Marja’s district center, Helmand Province, in 2010.

As a photojournalist I am interested in searching for the positive commonalities in human spirit

Moises Saman
© MOISES SAMAN | Magnum Photos

Moises Saman was born in Lima, Peru, but spent most of his youth in Barcelona, Spain. Moises interned at several small newspapers in California, and after graduating from university he moved to New York City to complete a summer internship at New York’s Newsday newspaper. That fall, upon completion of the internship, Moises spent a month traveling in Kosovo photographing the immediate aftermath of the last Balkan war.

In 2000 Moises joined Newsday as a Staff Photographer, a position he held until 2007. During his 7 years at Newsday, Moises’s work focused on covering the fallout of the 9/11 attacks, spending most of his time traveling between Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries.

In 2010 Moises was invited to join Magnum Photos as a Nominee and became a full member in 2014. He now lives in Spain.

© MOises saman | Magnum Photos

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