"‘Across the San Joaquin Valley, across California, across the entire nation, wherever there are injustices against men and women and children who work in the fields–there you will see our flags–with the black eagle with the white and red background, flying. Our movement is spreading like flames across a dry plain.’ Cesar Chavez . In this photograph, Cesar Chavez is seen among men and women who have made physical and emotional crossings to improve their own lives and to fight for workers’ rights. ‘La Causa,’ Chavez's United Farm Workers' movement, used non-violent tactics to improve the terrible conditions suffered by these laborers and their children, to ensure farm workers’ rights and to achieve fair and free elections. While photographing this movement I was deeply touched by the farm workers and their families, both their bravery and by their commitment to each other and to future generations.” - Paul FuscoOver 50 years ago, California’s great grape strike sparked low-paid Mexican and Filipino workers to join forces and fight for their rights. Their strike lead to a protest that would become a watershed moment for the American labor movement. In 1966, Paul Fusco captured its leader, Cesar Chavez, one of the most celebrated Latino leaders in American history, in an extended photo essay.

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