Martin Parr’s vast collections of photography books and postcards are world-renowned. Unbeknownst to many, he is also an obsessive collector of photographic and themed objects. Parrworld: Objects and Postcards, puts these items on display in a luscious, appropriately thorough and humorous two-volume set, the first to document his 25 years of collecting. Some of the items in Objects have already achieved notoriety—for instance, the wrist watches featuring Saddam Hussein’s visage. Others mythologize well-known figures such as Lenin and the Spice Girls. Then there is the kitsch: wallpaper, trays, and objects commemorating Sputnik, Chuck and Di’s wedding, and 9/11. Postcards is a highly entertaining, yet serious study of postcard history, from early cards depicting car crashes and murders to a selecof cards promoting motorways and shopping. Objects is introduced by Parr and Postcards features an introducby Thomas Weski, curator of the companion exhibiParrworld, which is touring internationally. This affordably priced set is bound to appeal to a wide audience, but in particular to collectors who thought they already owned everything Parr.

Signed by Martin Parr

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