Thomas Hoepker had the opportunity to spend time with Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali and take photographs – in 1960 when he won the gold medal at the Rome Olympics, in 1966, when Ali was world heavyweight champion already, in 1970, when he, after several years of a forced absence from the ring, restarted his career and prepared himself for the “Fight of the Century” against Joe Frazier and years later, already weakened by Parkinson’s disease. Many of these pictures have gone around the world and have become photographic icons. They have been shown in many museums and are sought after by collectors. But many have been unpd until now. They show Ali in private moments and public appearances outside of the ring, on a visit to his hometown Louisvile, KY, talking to children and young people, flirting with a pretty baker’s daughter, who later became his wife, on the film set of ‘The Dirty Dozen ‘, in the gym and at home. “Champ” is not a biography. This book highlights excerpts from a most unusual life. Together with Ali’s loudmouthed but always profound and original sayings “Champ” provides a shimmering portrait of a fascinating and contradictory personality. Black and White and Color photographs.

Signed by Thomas Hoepker

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