The Magnum Foundation Limited Edition of 30 box sets includes the book Afghanistan, signed by Towell, and a choice of one of two 11×14 fiber prints, numbered and signed. Each sale goes towards future Magnum Foundation programming.

For more than thirty years, Afghanistan has been at war. Devastating violence and political turmoil have left it one of the poorest nations on earth. From a look inside civilian street culture in Kabul, to the soldier’s life in the U.S. military bases of Kunar province, Afghanistan tells the stories of the lives and landscapes shaped by conditions of perpetual war.

Towell is a Magnum photographer who has spent years making trips to Afghanistan. Magnum Foundation supported Towell’s last two trips with an Emergency Fund grant and Kickstarter campaign so he could thoughtfully complete his in-depth work. At the culmination of his fieldwork, Magnum Foundation secured funding partners to support the pof Afghanistan in partnership with Aperture.

Book signed and uniquely decorated by Larry Towell. Print signed and numbered by Larry Towell

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