The World From My Front Porch is a tribute to the art of rural story telling. The CD of 10 songs by Towell includes River Song, written while living on a homemade raft, Chicken Liver Blues, penned in the Gaza Strip during an Israeli air invasion, and The Leica Camera Song, homage to Oskar Barnack, inventor of the 35 mm. Leica. Larry is accompanied by Mike Stevens, harmonica; Jeff Bird, mandolin; Anne Lindsay, fiddle; Gwen Swick, harmony vocals; and the crickets recorded from his front porch.

Each CD is individually packaged with one of 96 different colored crayons in case you have children on a long car ride.

Songs recorded and mixed by Scott Merritt.


1. The Things That Time Decays
2. Chicken Liver Blues
3. Turn Off The Light
4. When Push Comes To Shove
5. The Train Went By
6. Leica Camera Song
7. My Hands Are Tied
8. River Song
9. Grandpa Used To Rock Me In The Cradle
10. Home Is Where Your Friends Are

CD Details
  • Format: CD
  • Publisher: Country Gallery Records

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