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Abbas Man under a table in the desert. Village of San Augustin de Oapan, Guerrero, Mexico. 1984. "When I used the word ‘photo-novel’ yesterday, was I being innocent? This is no essay that I am photogra (...)
Antoine d’Agata Hamburg, Germany. 2000. “Condemned to wander in a maze of mirrors offering to see true life without ever touching it and infinitely multiplying invitations to frustration and separation. (...)
Peter van Agtmael Beirut, Lebanon. 2019. “In October 2019, I witnessed the early days of a revolution in Lebanon which hoped to usher in dramatic reforms to a society imploding under a corrupt and stagnant governm (...)
Khalik Allah Harlem, New York City, USA. 2020. From the series 125th & Lexington. “When I stop a person in the street to take their photograph it's because I recognize their inner light. Focusing on the light (...)
Al-Tariqah (The Path), Tunisia. 2014. “Al-Tariqah (Arabic for “the path”) from my project Silsila, imagines the desert as a metaphorical space for establishing connection, separation, and identit (...)
Christopher Anderson Train platform. Chongqing, China. 2018. "I chose this photograph because it lives in both the worlds of fact and of fiction. This moment is indeed something I observed. It is, in that sense, fact (...)
Eve Arnold Josephine Baker. Harlem, New York, USA. 1950. "Josephine Baker was the first black actress to star in a major movie. She was also a dancer, a resistance fighter in the Second World War, and a civi (...)
Olivia Arthur Double-exposure of a worker in Bur Dubai. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 2014. “Can we ever really see or experience things from someone else’s point of view? It’s what I challenged myself to do wh (...)
Micha Bar Am A ‘Peace Dove’ being carried to the site where the Israel-Egypt peace agreements are to be signed. Ismailia, Egypt. 1977. “While serious talks took place between Egypt and Israel in Ismailia in 19 (...)
Bruno Barbey Rome, Italy. 1962. “The old automobile abandoned in a Roman cul de sac Is a vessel for the dreams of children. The cobblestone street and the damp wall Are decorations for the party. And as fo (...)
The Islington Twins, London. 1980. “In London in the 1980s, the Islington Twins (Chuka and Dubem Okonkwo) would meet every evening at rush hour at ‘The Bar’ with a crowd of teenage followers. ‘T (...)
Jonas Bendiksen Transnistria, Moldova. 2004. “In this image, worshippers are preparing for a baptism during the Orthodox celebration of the Epiphany. Moments after I took this image of the priest, a handful of h (...)
We Shall Overcome (The James Meredith March Against Fear). June 1966. “After Civil Rights activist James Meredith was shot on June 6, 1966—the second day of his March Against Fear from Memphis, T (...)
Ian Berry Underground nightclub, located on Cable Street, East London. London, England, Great Britain. 1964. “Bob Dylan chose this image for the cover of his new album Rough and Rowdy Ways. I was delighted. (...)
The Woman in the Light, Harlem, New York. 1980. “Photographs are nominally related to life as we know it, even as they are clearly not life itself. In the best cases, a photograph can elevate the (...)
Werner Bischof ‘Streams’. Made for a portfolio of 24 photos. Zurich, Switzerland. 1941. “Werner Bischof took this picture, titled ‘Streams’, when he was 25 years old, in Zurich, while all around, the Second Worl (...)
Matt Black Rainstorm. York, Pennsylvania, USA. 2015. “Pictures are facts that can overcome the fictions we are told or that we sometimes tell ourselves. Even when they are about things just beyond sight, th (...)
Funeral Flower Man, South Korea. Feb 4, 2020. “In late January of this year, I visited Songdo, South Korea, to explore Tomorrow City, a futuristic cement-land fabricated with rows of identical b (...)
René Burri A worker from Nordeste shows his family the new city on inauguration day. In the background is the National Congress building, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Brasilia, Brazil. 1960. “When we truly m (...)
Enri Canaj Little girl playing on the Aegean coast following the tragic fire at the Moria refugee centre. Lesbos, Greece. 2020. “For many years imagination was the only way for me to travel back to the count (...)
Cornell Capa Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift and Eli Wallach on the set of "The Misfits." Nevada, USA. 1960. “One thing that Life and I agreed right from the start was that one war photographer (...)
Robert Capa Ernest Hemingway with his son Gregory. Sun Valley, Idaho, USA. 1941.

“I hope to stay unemployed as a war photographer till the end of my life.”

- Robert Capa © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography | Magnum Photos
A mannequin on a scooter, Taichung, Taiwan. 2000 © Chien-Chi Chang/Magnum Photos. © | Magnum Photos
Sabiha Çimen Qur’an School students having fun with a pink smoke bomb at a picnic event. Istanbul, Turkey. 2017. “Smoke and mirrors, fantasy and real life, are a magician’s tools to create illusions; but phot (...)
Ernest Cole Summer in the City. Harlem, New York, USA. “Ernest Cole must have cheered the first time he saw the 'uncapping' of the fire hydrants in New York City. There is hardly a more traditional visual tr (...)
Bruce Davidson Subway platform. New York City, USA. 1980. "I took this image on the elevated M Line at the Myrtle Avenue-Wyckoff Avenue stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, as part of my Subway series. I saw this wonde (...)
Mother and daughter. Houston, Texas, USA. 2017. "This image is a part of an ongoing photographic series, Beautiful, Still. The project is focused on presenting a more practical representation of (...)
Raymond Depardon White Sands, New Mexico, USA. 1982. “It’s the month of November: the temperature is mild, the sun is welcome. I stand in front of this family at lunch, at the foot of magnificent white sand dunes (...)
Bieke Depoorter Agata. Neuilly-Plaisance, France. September 4, 2018. “With Agata, I explore the complexities of the photographic enterprise, grappling with the relationship between photographer and subject. By d (...)
Carolyn Drake Internat Children's Home. Ternopil, Ukraine. 2016. “The theater was off-limits to the Internat residents and myself most of the time, but every once in a while we were given access for brief pho (...)
Thomas Dworzak Horse races. Hippodrome, Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. 2013. “Since I stumbled upon the Caucasus in the early 1990s, I have been drawn back relentlessly to the region. I spent most of the y (...)
Nikos Economopoulos Havana, Cuba. 2016. "The focus for me was never the descriptive power of photography, but the capacity to go beyond what an image describes. Neither fact, nor fiction. It is the unchartered territ (...)
Elliott Erwitt Wyoming, USA. 1954. “Good photography is not about ‘Zone Printing’ or any other Ansel Adams nonsense. It’s just about seeing. You either see, or you don’t see. The rest is academic. Photography is (...)
Freedom of Worship. 2018. “In 1943, Norman Rockwell visualized the four freedoms, articulated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941, central to American identity—freedom of speech, freedom (...)
Bag (Self-portrait), Mexico. 2017. “Philosopher Byung-Chul Han says that we live in an era of exhaustion and fatigue, caused by an incessant compulsion to perform. We have left behind the immuno (...)
Stuart Franklin Gurgler Glacier. Obergurgl, Otztal Alps, Austria. July 13, 2006. “The ice cave photograph was made for my book Footprint: Our Landscape in Flux. I wanted to show the impact of climate change where (...)
Leonard Freed The march on Washington. Washington, D.C., USA. August 28, 1963. “As if it would be this moment: The Lincoln Memorial is in the background. I am standing next to Leonard Freed in front of a group (...)
Paul Fusco A personal photograph taken while shooting a Yamaha advertising campaign. Mount Tamalpais, Marin County, California, USA. 1973. “A story must grow organically out of the subject matter. First, i (...)
Deer and Bull, Mexico. 2012. “It is the amazing festivities in Mexico—often composed of masquerades, costumes, and rituals—that have inspired my recent photography, resulting in the book Mexico M (...)
Cristina Garcia Rodero Butterfly wings. USA. 2001

"On an invisible horizon, under a dark sky, a fragile butterfly dances with happiness defying a sandstorm, enjoying her freedom."

- Cristina García Rodero © Cristina Garcia Rodero | Magnum Photos
Jean Gaumy Industrial port area. Le Havre, Normandy, France. 1994. “In 1994 I spent weeks photographing the industrial transformation and degradation of the great marine estuary of the Seine, the earliest ge (...)
Burt Glinn Actor Christopher Reeve as Superman. Flying effects with director Richard Donner supervising in the foreground. USA. 1978. “This photo was taken by Burt on the set of ‘Superman’, the original 1978 (...)
Jim Goldberg ‘All Roads Lead Home’. Marseille, France. 1999. “After receiving a distressing phone call from my mother, I took an aimless walk through the city of Marseille. It was there that I met a stranger w (...)
C and So competing for the Oscar, Second Tip, Bangkok, 1992. “The transgender movement has been a crucial part of the ongoing street protests. I feel lucky to have lived long enough to have witne (...)
Xoloitzcuintle, New York. 2020. “I first encountered the Xoloitzcuintle breed of dog six years ago on a trip to Mexico. They figure heavily in Aztec myth and were considered a sacred companion in (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths The Beatles in the early years. Paul McCartney and John Lennon on stage. England. 1963. "Philip was studying pharmacy in Liverpool in the 1960s when The Beatles formed. Liverpool at this time was (...)
John Lennon, NYC. 1974. “John Lennon inspired us to ‘imagine all the people living life in peace.’ He once said that it’s an artist’s job to imagine . . . because that’s where new ideas come from (...)
Harry Gruyaert Washington DC, USA. 1986. “When I take pictures, I have no preconceived idea, no guiding concept, no particular project in mind. I just shoot what I see, what attracts my eye, at a specific moment (...)
Untitled #5. From the series The New Pre-Raphaelites. 2009. “My New Pre-Raphaelites series was initially produced for Autograph ABP Director Mark Sealy’s commission of work related to a human rig (...)
Ernst Haas Two women have their hair and dresses blown by a wind which is also turning the sails of a windmill on the coast of Greece. 1952. “There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photog (...)
Kesh Angels, Marrakesh, 2010/1431. 2010. “I like to push people’s buttons. Here, I wanted to play with the way veiled women riding motorbikes might seem jarring from 
a Western perspective. I cal (...)
From the book project, ZZYZX. Los Angeles and vicinity, USA. 2008–2015. "The early settlers dubbed California The Golden State, and The Land of Milk and Honey. Today there are the obvious ironies (...)
Philippe Halsman French poet, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau with actress Ricki Soma and dancer Leo Coleman. New York City. USA. 1949. “For one incredible night, Halsman and Cocteau came together and created m (...)
Erich Hartmann Laser light on wall above a sleeping woman. Poughkeepsie, New York, USA. 1977. “I have long been interested in making photographs in which the subject matter before me would be augmented (and ther (...)
Nanna Heitmann Aida-Cai (daughter of the moon in Tuvan language), sleeping on the lap of her father in the summer heat. Yenisei River, Kyzyl, Russia. 2018. "Sometimes she feels: life is great, wilder, like ri (...)
Bob Henriques Martin Luther King Jr. at the podium delivering a speech. USA. 1960. "Every man lives in two realms, the internal and the external. The internal is that realm of spiritual ends expressed in art, (...)
#11342-0103. From the series Bright Black World. 2013. “This landscape is something I found while wandering around the outskirts of towns—the spaces that connect two suburbs or two villages that (...)
Thomas Hoepker Double exposure of Andy Warhol at The Factory at Union Square. Manhattan. New York City, USA. 1981. “I have a sneaking suspicion that Andy Warhol never really existed. That he was merely an appar (...)
Wide Awakes Grand Procession, Washington Square Park, New York. 2020. “In 1860, as the United States careened toward civil war, a group of young abolitionists, now long forgotten, launched a move (...)
Sohrab Hura Barwani, India. 2013.

“Morning after a warm summer night.”

– Sohrab Hura © Sohrab Hura | Magnum Photos
David Hurn A fan recognizing Paul McCartney during the filming of The Beatles’ film, 'A Hard Day’s Night', which was primarily shot on a moving train. London, England, Great Britain. 1964. "One of the unsolv (...)
Untitled, Rio de Janeiro. 2005. “Wandering led me to a warehouse in Rio de Janeiro, where I found objects from Carnival and very strange images caught my attention. They reminded me of Salvador D (...)
-scaled.jpeg The Self-Forgetfulness of Belonging Would Never Be Mine. “The Self-Forgetfulness of Belonging Would Never Be Mine is part of my 2019 series, Take Me to the Water, inspired by water-spirit mytholo (...)
Richard Kalvar Early morning on the Brooklyn Bridge. New York, USA. 1969. “This is fact! Not posed, not created in Photoshop; really and truly seen. Of course, it depends on what ‘this’ means. A bridge, a car, a (...)
Carl De Keyzer Geneva, Switzerland. 1999. “This image is an odd duck in my archive. This was the only time I ever did a fashion job. A model was flown over to Geneva, there were a couple of vintage cars, an ass (...)
Dreamer 09/30/20. From the series Street Errands. 2020. “Street Errands is a series of collaged photographs that mix street scenes from New York and other parts of the US. They start from mundane (...)
Hiroji Kubota Ancestor Worship. Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. 1983 “The tradition of celebrating Qingming Festival was revived in China in the 1980s. This is an old tradition of visiting temples to pray for the sp (...)
Elliott Landy Bob Dylan, sitting on his equipment truck. Woodstock, New York, USA. 1968. “I was asked to photograph Dylan for the cover of The Saturday Evening Post. I drove up from NYC to his house in Woodstoc (...)
Sergio Larrain Passage Bavestrello, Valparaiso, Chile. 1952. “In every image of Sergio’s we can find depth and mystery. The little girls at the stairs seem to be somehow darkly correlative to this time we find (...)
Herbert List ‘Recollection’. Collage of 3 images from Greece and Italy. Created after 1936. "In creative people, the tension between inner and outer images, between illusion and reality, gives rise to the ne (...)
Danny Lyon The Line, Ferguson Unit, Texas Department of Corrections. USA. 1968. Funny how they keep changing the name of the Texas Department of Corrections. What exactly the state of Texas thought they wer (...)
Constantine Manos Shepherds with a goat. Crete, Greece. 1964. “This picture of shepherds was made in the mountains of Crete. I travelled throughout Greece from 1962 through to 1965, making pictures on rural life i (...)
-scaled.jpeg Bronx, New York. 1989. “This photo was taken in the South Bronx in 1989, where exactly I don’t remember, but I walked over the Third Avenue Bridge from Harlem into the Bronx. It was a hot day, an (...)
Madonna the Giraffe, Oaxaca, Mexico. 1998. “The circus is a universal form of theater and a metaphor for everything that has always fascinated me visually. It is full of ironies, often humorous a (...)
-scaled.jpeg The Arrival. From the series Santa Barbara. 2018. “I was seven when my family arrived in America. The year was 1996. The Soviet Union had long collapsed, and by then, so had my parents’ marriage. (...)
Peter Marlow Somewhere in space. 2007.

“Imagine the future, live in the present, learn from the past.”

– Estate of Peter Marlow, 2020 © Peter Marlow | Magnum Photos
Boys in the Book of Ibn al-Mustawfi, Erbil, Kurdistan. 1991. “I was in Erbil, Kurdistan, covering the Gulf War in 1991. Walking the streets, I heard voices; and as I looked up, I was astonished t (...)
Steve McCurry The Golden Rock beneath Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar. 1994. “Pilgrims from all over Myanmar have visited the magical Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo Pagoda for centuries. It is burnished with pr (...)
Susan Meiselas Fountain City, Wisconsin, USA. 1975. “When I visited Suzan Pitt, a great film animator and artist, in the tiny town of Fountain City, Wisconsin, her studio was in an old brick brewery building. We (...)
Lorenzo Meloni The discolored portraits from the obituary announcements of the Eco di Bergamo newspaper. During the Covid-19 crisis in Bergamo, the local newspaper printed as many as 12 pages of obituaries a day. (...)
Man asleep on blanket with tiny telephone, New Jersey. 1965. “In the early 1960s, the transistor radio became a popular way of playing music, news, and programs. Within a couple of years, the s (...)
Rafal Milach Warsaw, Poland. 2017.

“Certain situations seem to be unlikely.

Until they happen.”

– Rafał Milach © Rafal Milach | Magnum Photos
Wayne Miller A girl "reading" Ebony magazine. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 1947. “Children learn by copying what grown-ups do, and it can take some time. Wayne was a father of three at the time he took this photog (...)
View from My Front Porch (Telephone Pole), 8:12 a.m., September 9, 2020. From the series The New California (for Dorothea Lange). 2020. “In the past, I have been able to photograph the glorious s (...)
Great Lady, Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Mexico. 2018. “The muxes of Oaxaca have always been in constant search of beauty, challenging what society has imposed for so many years. They have gone beyond (...)
Inge Morath Photographer's props. Verbena de San Isidro. Madrid, Spain. 1955. "Inge’s image of a photographer’s props transforms the everyday into something more akin to a scene from a theatre production. Eve (...)
Havana. From the book Violet Isle: A Duet of Photographs from Cuba (with Alex Webb). 2007. “Over the years, I’ve learned to trust images I’m drawn to in the world. In times of uncertainty and u (...)
Model 23, Third Body, Johannesburg. 2020. “In my most recent series, Third Body, I am thinking about the postcolonial condition by subverting the idea that the African continent is a dumping grou (...)
Emin Özmen Refugees play near the Idomeni camps on the Greek-Macedonian border. Idomeni, Greece. 2016. “Though the Idomeni camps no longer exist today, no less than 11,000 refugees once lived there. They we (...)
Martin Parr Knowsley Safari Park, England, Great Britain. 1990. “Knowsley Safari Park is a drive-thru. You can imagine you are moving through the jungle, with great views of the wild game. I was being driven (...)
Synchronized divers David Boudia and Thomas Finchum in training for the Olympics. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 2008. “For me, this photograph speaks to human achievement, to beauty and form. It allud (...)
Gueorgui Pinkhassov Ukrainian Ballet. Paris, France. 1992. “Dreams and reality, art and everyday life. Photography unites these planes, but also transforms our world from 3D into 2D as if knocking out one of the leg (...)
Mark Power The Old Town, Warsaw, Poland. April 8, 2005. “In 1978, the College of Cardinals elected the first non-Italian pope since the 16th century. Remarkably, they chose a man from behind the Iron Curtai (...)
Hannah Price Badette & Son. From the series, Cursed by Night. Brooklyn, New York, USA. 2012. “This image was one of the first I made for Cursed by Night. After getting permission to photograph this pair, I h (...)
Guy Le Querrec Miles Davis. 8th arrondissement, Paris, France. Monday, November 3, 1969. “Although live music is always a visually dramatic art form, this concert was particularly noteworthy. As happened from t (...)
Raghu Rai From the book Trees. India. 2013–2015. “When a palette of various shades of greens begins to play its symphony It kindles you into a new awakening that lives beyond imagination. I was s (...)
Eli Reed Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Montgomery, Alabama, USA. 1995. “I spent approximately a week with African American civil rights heroine Rosa Parks, traveling and educating young teenage studen (...)
Letter Carrier, New York. From the series Workers—Portraits of the Working Class in New York 1999–2002. 2000. “A recollection: In the 1970s, our mailbox was a perfect little aluminum Quonset hut (...)
Lúa Ribeira Untitled. Bristol, UK. 2020. “This image was made during lockdown. At the time, it was hard to think about working outside, encountering people and sharing spaces, which is usually essential to m (...)
George Rodger Ubangi-Shari, Central African Republic (formerly known as French Equatorial Africa). 1951. “Even in the remotest parts of central Africa, Jinx reflects on the tough day ahead while assisting Georg (...)
Zied Ben Romdhane Amara, a former freedom fighter who opposed the French occupation, explaining how to hold a rifle. Al-Mitlawi, Gafsa, Tunisia. November 15, 2015. “In the late 19th century, specifically in 1889, (...)
Moises Saman A couple walks hand in hand through a devastated area of downtown Port-au-Prince, one of the areas hardest hit by the January 12th earthquake. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. January 18, 2010. “During the (...)
Alessandra Sanguinetti ‘A dry spell’. 2000. “If only this canal could speak. All through floods and droughts, the canal has been the stage for the community’s countless stories, encounters, dramas, and joys. When I g (...)
Eva-Claire #02, Austin, Texas. 2008. “This is a photograph from my Austin, Texas series, a fashion series created for a magazine and an exhibition at the Maison Rouge in Paris. I don’t normally w (...)
Jérôme Sessini Bianca O’Brien. Athens, Greece. September, 2018. "I barely think when I'm photographing. To me photography is a very physical and instinctive act. I like silenced pictures, I like it when a photog (...)
David Seymour Children play among the wreckage of the D-Day invasion. Normandy, France. 1947. “David ‘Chim’ Seymour returned to Europe on an assignment for This Week magazine in April 1947. He travelled to the (...)
The Trio, Brooklyn. 1980. “The New York City Subway is one of the most unique public transit systems in the country, covering all five boroughs of the city and running twenty-four hours a day, se (...)
Sunrise on Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley, California. 2013. “In the last decade, I’ve traveled and photographed extensively throughout the Western National Forests and National Parks. In doin (...)
Marilyn Silverstone Villagers looking at slides of themselves. Yumthang, North Sikkim, India. 1971. “Before digital photography, there were slides. Shooting with film meant that every exposure was precious and limit (...)
Sim Chi Yin In the middle of the southern Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou, new high-rise apartment blocks shimmer and tower over a slum being torn down. Guangzhou, China. 2014. “Rulers’ impulse to control nat (...)
W. Eugene Smith ‘The Walk to Paradise Garden’. 1946. © 2020 The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith “After being severely wounded in 1945 by Japanese mortar fire at Okinawa while covering World War II for Life magazine, W. (...)
Lindokuhle Sobekwa Ziyanda's Clothing. Thokoza, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2014 “This work is from a series about my sister, Ziyanda. I began this project after finding a family portrait in which her face had been (...)
Jacob Aue Sobol Piteraq storm. Eastern Greenland. 2000. “A piteraq is a cold katabatic wind which originates on the Greenlandic icecap and sweeps down the east coast. The word ‘piteraq’ means ‘that which attacks (...)
Alec Soth Akeley, Minnesota. 2007. “This image was published as part of my series, The Last Days of W, to coincide with the 2008 US presidential election. For me, this photo was a way of marking a period of (...)
Chris Steele-Perkins Adventure playground. Wolverhampton, England, Great Britain. 1978.

“Imagine you can fly…”

– Chris Steele Perkins © Chris Steele-Perkins | Magnum Photos
Dennis Stock Singer and trumpet player Ernest Miller, nicknamed "Kid Punch Miller", returning home at 6 am. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. 1958. "Dennis spent much of the late 1950s and '60s photographing the i (...)
Mikhael Subotzky Samuel (standing). Vaalkoppies (Beaufort West Rubbish Dump), South Africa. 2006. “This photograph was taken at Beaufort West’s municipal dump, Vaalkoppies, which in Afrikaans means ‘grey hills’. (...)
Ballet in Lagos, Nigeria. 2020. “The Leap of Ballet Dance Academy was founded in 2017 by Daniel Owoseni Ajala. Currently, students attend classes after school at Ajala’s apartment on the outskirt (...)
Larry Towell Lambton County, Ontario. Canada. 1974. “This photograph was taken in 1974 on one of the first rolls of film I ever exposed. As a university art student in the city, coming from a large rural fami (...)
Shelter In Place, New York. 1979. “Under the West Side Highway, in an abandoned rail yard, as seen through the rough holes of a wrecked freight car, a pair of lovers supportively clings to each o (...)
Behind the Walls #5. Date TK. “When I took this photo, I wanted to represent two men who perhaps don't know each other on the roof of a cinema. The letters are wrong—they should be the other way (...)
Alex Webb From the book, The Suffering of Light. Thessaloniki, Greece. 2003. “I was born into a family of artists, and my early life was marked by a series of false starts. Confronted with the white canvas, (...)
On Base. 2007. “In 2007, I was invited by the Metropolitan Opera to make a series of images celebrating their upcoming season. In preparation for the shoot, I went behind the scenes to meet with (...)
Self-portrait (Quai aux Fleurs). Paris. 2018. “When creating a self-portrait, I often transform into a different persona. I’m usually naked, so it’s not about putting on a costume. Somehow, I f (...)
Grave Stele with Family Group. 2020. “Grave Stele with Family Group is from a series of one hundred photographs titled Cento. Since 2015, I’ve visited museums in the US, Italy, Spain, Germany, a (...)
Patrick Zachmann Village of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Gard department, Languedoc-Roussillon region, France. 1998. “If I had a rich sense for the fantastical, maybe I wouldn’t have become a photographer in order to expres (...)

Until 6PM EST Sunday, October 25, more than 120 signed or estate-stamped, museum-quality 6×6” prints by Magnum Photos and Aperture photographers are available for $100. 

These museum-quality prints are accompanied by statements from the photographers and estates, reproduced on archival-quality labels on the reverse of the print. You can see all the images in the selection – and their corresponding texts – above, or on the Magnum Shop, here.

Toward the end of a year that has seen a series of international events unparalleled in recent memory, these images bring together a collection of works from disparate storytelling and artistic practices: works of fact and fiction with the potential to inspire our social and artistic imagination. Photographers imagine the world in pictures, and document it in ways that spur and inspire freewheeling thought. Documentary photographers — whether capturing the aftermath of conflict, famous figures, religious observances, social realities, or indeed making visible the unreal — take a fraction of time and suspend it, allowing the image to be interpreted in myriad ways by viewers.

Artists inspire us to imagine the future. Their commitment to shape it in a better way, is reflected in their works. David Benjamin Sherry pictures America’s National Monuments in a colourful light reminding us their beauty and the need to preserve them from future threats, while Dawoud Bey’s photograph highlights an everyday intimate moment of togetherness in the African American community. The Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjij reclaims the power of North African visual elements showing a diverse Arab world thus creating a counternarrative to Western clichés, Stephen Tayo’s portrait captures the inspiring and transformational work the Leap of Dance Ballet academy is doing in Lagos Nigeria providing a place for its students to channel their imagination through dance, and Diana Markosian’s image, staging a scene of her mother’s migration to America with her two children, is a poetic strong reminder of the American dream’s promise of a better future.

Elliott Erwitt’s cinematic locomotive conjures Hitchcockian backstories, while Bruce Davidson’s more sedate subway platform raises its own wonderings. Sometimes a location can be so fantastical that even a literal depiction of it seems unworldly: Steve McCurry’s golden boulder teetering on a clifftop, or David ‘Chim’ Seymour’s post-war dreamscape showing children playing peacefully under looming coastal defences. Inge Morath’s image — of a photographer’s props stacked in a Madrid sidestreet — transforms assorted arcane items into “her version of [Franz Marc’s expressionist painting] Blue Horse; a mix of imagination and reality that teeters between fact and fiction.”

Artists can form and script images from their own minds, through the manipulation of photographic processes and innovative techniques. Via the staging of events and subjects, their photographs can also mix fact and fiction. Erich Hartmann’s famed experiments with ‘light drawing’, repaint their subjects and shift the lines of reality for the viewer. Werner Bischof’s harnessing of light in 1940 to create otherworldly, poetic images, might reflect a wish to escape his situation — marooned in neutral Switzerland as Europe fell into war around him. Cristina de Middel’s Afronauts project takes a different approach, using costume and staging to re-imagine the now-distant memory of a Zambian space program, “a project that came about when [de Middel] imagined something that had already happened in reality.”

Famed thinkers and sources of inspiration also feature throughout the selection — Bob Dylan, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and Jean Cocteau — three wildly varied lightning-rods for the imagination of others, captured in similarly varied styles and acts by Elliott Landy, Bob Henriques, and Philipe Halsmann. For others — like 2020 Magnum nominees Sabiha Çimen and Yael Martínez — it is the hopes or fears of their subjects we are drawn to consider. Çimen’s series on young women in Turkey’s Islamic schools lays bare a secret world of daydreams and aspirations, and Martínez’s work — on fellow victims of organized crime in Mexico —creates dreamscapes that oscillate between sublime and haunting, where the subjects themselves seem to escape this world.

Technical developments or hands-on experiments also offer fresh avenues for image-making, as was the case for Martin Parr’s making use of ring flash combined with a macro lens in the mid 90s, and Elliott Landy when he decided to photograph Bob Dylan using infrared film. Taken in 2015, Malin Fezehai’s chosen image, of an Eritrean wedding, was the first iPhone photograph to ever receive a World Press Photo Award, making the photographer realize that, “you can make do with what you have, and it’s what you are seeing in front of you that matters.”

Until 6PM EST Sunday, October 25, more than 120 signed or estate-stamped, museum-quality 6×6” prints by Magnum Photos and Aperture photographers are available for $100. 

These museum-quality prints are accompanied by statements from the photographers and estates, reproduced on archival-quality labels on the reverse of the print. You can see all the images in the selection – and their corresponding texts – above, or on the Magnum Shop, here.

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