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Bruce Gilden Two members of the Yakuza, Japan's mafia. The Yakuza's 23 gangs are Japan's top corporate earners. They model themselves on American gangster fashion from the 1950s. Asakusa, Japan. 1998. © Bruce Gilden | Magnum Photos

This four-day intensive workshop led by Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden takes students out of their comfort zone, with the aim of identifying each participant’s personal working ‘style’ for street photography.

Gilden, famous for his in-your-face street portraiture, will set personal assignments that will provide the opportunity to photograph throughout the workshop while receiving daily, constructive feedback to define and understand your personal vision.

Open to both passionate amateurs and professionals, students will learn how to improve their images and how to be ‘street smart’ in various shooting environments — honing in on that ability of being ‘in the thick of it’ while remaining unobtrusive. This is a rare opportunity to learn from Gilden, who has worked in the industry for almost fifty years.

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