Turning Points: The Magnum Square Print Sale, in collaboration with The Everyday Projects

Kiana Hayeri (The Everyday Projects) Mahya (not her real name), swims a lap at the pool. Kabul, Afghanistan. November 4, 2019. “Mahya learned swimming by watching youtube videos and practicing at home. When she is in the pool, she ca (...)
Thomas Hoepker Young people relax during their lunch break along the East River while a huge plume of smoke rises from Lower Manhattan after the attack on the World Trade Center. Brooklyn, New York, USA. Septembe (...)
Carolyn Drake Border Town, Kyrgyzstan. 2008. “I read recently that the borders around Uzbekistan have opened up since President Karimov passed away in 2016. I’m trying to imagine the region with open borders an (...)
Alex Webb Grenada. 1979. “As a young photographer, I was utterly committed to working exclusively in black and white, viewing color as crass and commercial—not where the true heart of photography lay. In th (...)
Martin Parr Bedminster, Bristol, England, GB. 1995. “In 1995 I bought a ring flash and a macro lens, a combination usually associated with medical photography. My first project was to take photos of British f (...)
Cristina de Middel Image from the collaboration with Senegalese designer Selly Raby Kane featuring her collection Alien Cartoon, shot on the beaches of Dakar for an artistic collaboration. Dakar, Senegal. 2013. "In (...)
Danny Lyon Route 12, Wisconsin, 1963 Skip Richheimer and I, both bikeriders, both photographers, were heading out of town to the scrambles at Elkhorn Wisconsin, Skip driving a VW Beetle. Five bikeriders appr (...)
David Alan Harvey Norfolk, Virginia. 1967. “This image comes from my first small booklet Tell It Like It Is. Two dollars per copy and the profits to the family church. Clearly a turning point era for the USA an (...)
Elliott Erwitt California, USA. 1956. “In life’s saddest winter moments, when you’ve been under a cloud for weeks, suddenly a glimpse of something wonderful can change the whole complexion of things, your entire (...)
Bieke Depoorter Agata. Beirut, Lebanon. August 2, 2018. “Turning points occur so much throughout my practice that it's difficult to choose one. Many of my projects are founded in the relationships I establish wit (...)
Bruce Davidson Birmingham, Alabama, USA. 1963. “Birmingham was heating up and I made two trips there, a week apart, to photograph the protesters assembling in several parts of the city. Mass confrontation, civil (...)
Chien-Chi Chang Family members of immigrants working in New York City. Fuzhou, China. 2007. “They were living their best life, thanks to their father who left Fuzhou to work non-stop at low-level jobs in New Yor (...)
Rene Burri São Paulo, Brazil. 1960. “Did I know those men were there when I took that photograph? No. I went up there out of curiosity. I remember taking the elevator to the roof. Buildings weren’t guarded i (...)
Jonas Bendiksen Altai Territory, Russia. 2000. “I took this image almost exactly 20 years ago. Without knowing it, just seconds before, I had taken the image that would become my most published. That magic scene (...)