Past Square Print Sale

Turning Points: The Magnum Square Print Sale, in collaboration with The Everyday Projects


A. Abbas Police academy. Hamanskraal, South Africa. 1978. “This picture was taken from my South Africa story, originally published in 1978 by newspapers and magazines around the world; it became one of the (...)
Nader Adem (The Everyday Projects) The White Holy Site, Bale, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. “This photo is from a project on a 12th-century holy site in Ethiopia. The project has shed light on a lack of representation of rich Islamic ri (...)
Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui (The Everyday Projects) Old Medina, Casablanca. 2017. “As the provisional sheep market for Aid Al-Adha was being dismantled, the children were transforming the metal structures of the tents into a playground.” – Yoriya (...)
Tasneem Alsultan (The Everyday Projects) A group of relatives busy on their social media phone apps at Al-Jenadriyah, a cultural festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “I was walking through the crowds at a cultural festival in Riyadh when I (...)
Christopher Anderson Eiffel Tower seen from the Pompidou Center. Paris, France. 2020. “When I chose this image, I thought of the idea of ‘turning point’ as referring to Paris, where I have recently moved with my fami (...)
Roger Anis (The Everyday Projects) Sanna, a resident in Dewieka slum, in Cairo, set up a swimming pool where her kids could play during the summer since they can't afford a beach vacation or a real swimming pool. She charged 2 Egypt (...)
Antoine d’ Agata Dance with death. Yohual. Zona roja, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. 2005. “Rather than photographing the border, I seem to search for it. Yohual lives in La Zona, Nuevo Laredo, on the Mexican side of the b (...)
Marie Arago (The Everyday Projects) Inauguration. “This photograph is part of a body of work that explores and celebrates Haitian myths, folklore, history, and spirituality. I named the work Kafou. The word kafou means crossroads an (...)
Peter van Agtmael Somewhere between Mazar-E-Sharif and Kabul, Afghanistan. 2008. “I had just woken up on a flight in Afghanistan when I looked out the window and saw this scene. I scrambled for my camera and took (...)
Eve Arnold Model Charlotte Stribling aka 'Fabulous' waits backstage for the entrance cue to model clothes designed and made in the Harlem community. Harlem, New York City, USA. 1950. “Eve Arnold studied at t (...)
María Magdalena Arréllaga (The Everyday Projects) An all-women's pelada (informal soccer team) plays every Saturday morning in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In recent years, peladas have sprouted quickly around the country, playing in the streets and on (...)
Olivia Arthur From the series Waiting for Lorelei. 2017. “This image was taken at the end of a long period of waiting; a frustrating period at the end of a pregnancy that is often forgotten in the busy aftermat (...)
Micha Bar-Am Coffee in Kalandia Refugee Camp, West Bank. 1967. “In 1967, I was working with Cornell Capa, covering the events of the Six Day War. Life magazine asked us to produce an image for a possible cover (...)
Bruno Barbey U.S. Marines with oil wells burning behind them. Ahmadi oil field, Burgan field, Kuwait. 1991. “This image shows several burning oil wells which were damaged by retreating Iraqi soldiers during t (...)
Jonas Bendiksen Altai Territory, Russia. 2000. “I took this image almost exactly 20 years ago. Without knowing it, just seconds before, I had taken the image that would become my most published. That magic scene (...)
Ian Berry Czechs gather under the gun barrel of a Russian tank to protest the invasion. Prague, Czechoslovakia. 1968. “At 6 a.m. on August 20th 1968 I got a call from the Magnum Bureau Chief in Paris to sa (...)
Werner Bischof Silk drying. Kyoto, Japan. 1951. “Yesterday, a glorious autumn day, I took a taxi to the emperor’s old country seat. On the way I found the silk washers… Washing long streamers of coloured sil (...)
Matt Black A farmer checks his sprinklers. Sylvester, Georgia. 2017. “To me, the turning point in photography comes when you stop looking and start seeing. Your work takes its own direction, rather than be (...)
Laura Boushnak (The Everyday Projects) An Asylum seeker from Syria stays warm as he prepares dinner for his family at the sprawling tent city that has spread into the olive groves and pine woods that migrants and locals call the “Jungle (...)
Sheila Pree Bright (The Everyday Projects) #1960Now: 2016, #ATLisReady and Black Lives Matter Atlanta Chapter protest the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. Atlanta, Georgia. “As a photographic artist, the way I see and sho (...)
Rene Burri São Paulo, Brazil. 1960. “Did I know those men were there when I took that photograph? No. I went up there out of curiosity. I remember taking the elevator to the roof. Buildings weren’t guarded i (...)
Enri Canaj Snowy day. Albania. 2014.

“Hope falling in white blankets. Home left behind, a turning point, a passage from childhood. Now I cover my eyes when I need to see.”

– Enri Canaj © Enri Canaj | Magnum Photos
Cornell Capa © International Center of Photography [John F. Kennedy shaking hands with supporters, Michigan, USA], September 5, 1960 “In 1960 [Governor Adlai Stevenson] was to make a third try [running for president]. Early in that year I had done (...)
Robert Capa © International Center of Photography | -scaled.jpg [Leon Trotsky lecturing Danish students on the history of the Russian Revolution, Copenhagen, Denmark], November 27, 1932 “The newspapers carried a story that Trotsky would speak in Copenhagen. My (...)
Amrita Chandradas (The Everyday Projects) “Pause, trust yourself.” See Ting, in the wig she sometimes wears, rests on a rock perched at East Coast beach, Singapore. “This image is from my photo series All is not lost, which revolves arou (...)
Chien-Chi Chang Family members of immigrants working in New York City. Fuzhou, China. 2007. “They were living their best life, thanks to their father who left Fuzhou to work non-stop at low-level jobs in New Yor (...)
Ernest Cole South Africa. 1960. “Ernest Cole’s life was full of turning points and disjunctures. In this sense, if in no other, he replicated the bizarre rise and fall of the apartheid regime from its infanc (...)
Bruce Davidson Birmingham, Alabama, USA. 1963. “Birmingham was heating up and I made two trips there, a week apart, to photograph the protesters assembling in several parts of the city. Mass confrontation, civil (...)
Raymond Depardon Saxony, Germany. 1990.

“Two months after the fall of the Berlin Wall. On the road to Leipzig.”

Raymond Depardon © Raymond Depardon | Magnum Photos
Bieke Depoorter Agata. Beirut, Lebanon. August 2, 2018. “Turning points occur so much throughout my practice that it's difficult to choose one. Many of my projects are founded in the relationships I establish wit (...)
Rory Doyle (The Everyday Projects) Big Mac Dancing — Tyrese Evans, Jeremy Melvin, and Gee McGee dance atop their horses in a McDonald’s parking lot in Cleveland, Mississippi. Aug. 9, 2017. “This image is part of my ongoing project (...)
Carolyn Drake Border Town, Kyrgyzstan. 2008. “I read recently that the borders around Uzbekistan have opened up since President Karimov passed away in 2016. I’m trying to imagine the region with open borders an (...)
Thomas Dworzak “Caminito Nocturno” – The night march. Near Ixmiquilpan, Mexico. 2019 "May 2019. A group of about 100 middle-class Mexican high school students spend a week’s holiday camping in the Eco Parc Alber (...)
Nikos Economopoulos Harar. Ethiopia. 2013. “Liminal spaces, boundaries, crossroads, bridges, turning points are my workplace: anything that is not enclosed, delineated and restricted but fluid, open and boundless. Wh (...)
Yagazie Emezi (The Everyday Projects) A child's direct stare during the parade for International Day of the Girl Child in Monrovia, Liberia. “Realizing the power of photography: it speaks multiple languages and so can spur a range of (...)
Elliott Erwitt California, USA. 1956. “In life’s saddest winter moments, when you’ve been under a cloud for weeks, suddenly a glimpse of something wonderful can change the whole complexion of things, your entire (...)
Yolanda Escobar Jiménez (The Everyday Projects) Two women talking in the street during the celebrations of the Assumption of the Virgin. Casabindo, Argentina, 2006. “The Inca Trail passed through Casabindo, a village with a rich historical an (...)
Thana Faroq (The Everyday Projects) Fatma, a Yemeni refugee who lives in London, and her handwritten testimony. “Fatma’s portrait is part of my project The Passport, which calls on my own experience and reflects on freedom and the (...)
Malin Fezehai (The Everyday Projects) The wedding in 2014 of two Eritreans who came to Israel as refugees. They were among about 50,000 African asylum seekers living in Israel, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan. “This image was the first (...)
Stuart Franklin Møre og Romsdal, Norway. 2010. "This photograph marks a turning point in two senses. First, this view across a small lake in Norway is from a log cabin that I bought in 2009. It was, and is (as I (...)
Leonard Freed Wall Street, New York City, USA. 1956. “This was an early photo that Leonard took while walking around New York City. He had been to Staten Island to photograph, and coming out of the subway he n (...)
Paul Fusco Robert Kennedy funeral train. Stokes St, Havre de Grace, MD, USA. 1968. “I was on the Robert F. Kennedy funeral train, photographing the countless thousands of mourners that stretched from New Yo (...)
Cristina Garcia Rodero Music is the Key. Love Parade. Berlin, Germany. 1999 “In 1999, the 10th anniversary of the Berlin Love Parade festival was celebrated with the motto ‘Music is the Key’. The festival was first s (...)
Bruce Gilden Fellini. Coney Island, New York City, USA. 1969. “It was 1969. I had picked up my first camera (a Miranda) two years before. That year I had started shooting my first long-term personal essay on (...)
Burt Glinn Castro lifts a young admirer on the march to Havana. Cuba. 1959. “This image is one of the photos taken by Burt in the early days of January, 1959 when Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista had been ou (...)
Jim Goldberg | -scaled.jpg Forager. Dakar, Senegal. 2008. From the project, Open See. “This photograph was taken on the last leg of my travels for Open See. I had spent several years documenting immigrants, refugees, and tr (...)
Glenna Gordon (The Everyday Projects) A sign, bleached by the sun, gives directions to nowhere in a remote area along Namibia’s coastline. “I was in Namibia looking for shipwrecks. The treacherous and remote coastline claims many boa (...)
Philip Jones Griffiths Northern Ireland, GB. 1973. "Philip visited Northern Ireland from the mid-Sixties onwards and documented the impact of the troubles on the daily lives of the people, in yet another scenario wher (...)
Harry Gruyaert | -scaled.jpg Ostend, Belgium. 1988 “In an attempt to come to terms with my complicated relationship with Belgium, my homeland, I decided in the early ‘70s to take pictures of my country, instead of trying psyc (...)
Gregory Halpern Untitled. USA. 2008. “This picture is from my book A, which marked something of a turning point in my work. Prior to this project, I had been thinking more in the vein of traditional documentary, (...)
Philippe Halsman | -scaled.jpg Outtake from Life magazine cover photoshoot. 1952 “Philippe Halsman first met Marilyn Monroe in 1949, on a shoot for Life magazine. Marilyn was one of six Hollywood starlets trying to break into t (...)
Erich Hartmann Floured hands kneading bread. Centralia, Kansas, USA. 1956. “There are many transitions and ‘turning points’ between the ‘amber waves of grain’ in the fields and the loaf of bread on the table. T (...)
David Alan Harvey Norfolk, Virginia. 1967. “This image comes from my first small booklet Tell It Like It Is. Two dollars per copy and the profits to the family church. Clearly a turning point era for the USA an (...)
Kiana Hayeri (The Everyday Projects) Mahya (not her real name), swims a lap at the pool. Kabul, Afghanistan. November 4, 2019. “Mahya learned swimming by watching youtube videos and practicing at home. When she is in the pool, she ca (...)
Nanna Heitmann Yenisei River. Kyzyl, Russia. 2018. “For less than a second two athletes stand close to one another. Their eyes are closed, their heads lean on each other’s shoulders, as if they are embracing eac (...)
Bob Henriques Martin Luther King speaking to the crowds. Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom. Washington DC, USA. May 17, 1957. “The turning point in the lives of those determined to succeed usually shows up during (...)
Thomas Hoepker Young people relax during their lunch break along the East River while a huge plume of smoke rises from Lower Manhattan after the attack on the World Trade Center. Brooklyn, New York, USA. Septembe (...)
Sohrab Hura The little girl and her animals. Benares, India. 2005

“When I had started to learn how to make photographs.”

– Sohrab Hura © Sohrab Hura | Magnum Photos
David Hurn Spring. Snowdon, Wales. “As Mark Twain wrote, 'It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want—oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fair (...)
Richard Kalvar Château d'Asson, Brittany, France. 1988

“The little dog suddenly turns around, and thinks, ‘Wait a minute! I’m sure I know that mutt from somewhere….”

– Richard Kalvar © Richard Kalvar | Magnum Photos
Carl De Keyzer | -scaled.jpg Good Friday Procession (sponsored by Coca Cola). Our Lady of Guadalupe church, San Antonio, USA. 1991. “While I was working on the book God, Inc.— my project in black and white focusing on reli (...)
M’hammed Kilito (The Everyday Projects) Flying pigeons in front of the stunning zellij (Moroccan mosaïque tilework) wall at Zaouïa Cherkaouia mausoleum in Bejaad, Morocco. “Bejaad, is a small city founded in the 15th century by Sidi Bo (...)
Hiroji Kubota A Black Panther Party member. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 1969. "The Black Panther Party was founded in 1966, and was headquartered in Oakland, California, though the party also enjoyed extensive sup (...)
Ksenia Kuleshova (The Everyday Projects) Making a snowman in Sukhum. It had been almost 8 years since the last big snowfall. Sukhum, Abkhazia (autonomous region in northwest Georgia). January 3, 2016. “My precious childhood memories are (...)
Elliott Landy Bob Dylan. Woodstock, NY. 1968. Taken with Kodak Ektachrome Infrared Film. “To capture a flickering moment of joyous experience and share it with others—that was the reason I began photographing i (...)
Zun Lee (The Everyday Projects) Jerell Willis and son Fidel enjoy the sunset over downtown New York. From the series Father Figure. November, 2012. “Coming from street photography, I often privileged the single-frame narrative (...)
Herbert List View From a Window: Dance of the Dresses. Trastevere, Rome.1953. “Herbert List injured his foot in 1953 while visiting friend and fellow photographer Max Scheler in Rome. He could not leave the a (...)
Danny Lyon Route 12, Wisconsin, 1963 Skip Richheimer and I, both bikeriders, both photographers, were heading out of town to the scrambles at Elkhorn Wisconsin, Skip driving a VW Beetle. Five bikeriders appr (...)
Peter Marlow A portrayal of a traditional English seaside resort. Margate, England, GB. 2002. “2020 – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has by democratic referendum opted to depart from (...)
Ramin Mazur (The Everyday Projects) A fish tank in a hotel in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. “This photograph is a part of my Explicit series: the daily refuge of my visual experience. With Ukraine in conflict in 2013-2014, I strugg (...)
Steve McCurry Bamiyan, Afghanistan. 2007. “I was delighted to photograph these Hazara fifth graders in the Bamiyan Province who were engaged and excited by what they were learning. After seeing the dire situati (...)
Susan Meiselas Photograph of Kamaran Abdullah Saber, killed during a student demonstration against Saddam Hussein, held by his family at Saiwan Hill cemetery. Arbil, Kurdistan. 1991. “I have often thought about (...)
Lorenzo Meloni Selling khat at the market. Aden, Yemen. 2010. “This image was part of the first work that I ever made in the Middle East. It wasn't really "work", because at the time my real job wasn't that of t (...)
Cristina de Middel Image from the collaboration with Senegalese designer Selly Raby Kane featuring her collection Alien Cartoon, shot on the beaches of Dakar for an artistic collaboration. Dakar, Senegal. 2013. "In (...)
Rafal Milach Ania the fitness queen. Grodno, Belarus. 2013 “The Winners project was one of the most critical points in my understanding photography and its interference with society. Tracing the ideal social (...)
Wayne Miller Chicago, Illinois, USA. 1948. “Wayne Miller making images of African Americans in Chicago in 1948 was not a turning point, but a continuation of his earlier work. Wayne had photographed African Am (...)
Zoshia Minto (The Everyday Projects) A group of businessmen visits the Tree of Life located in the barren desert of Bahrain. “A good friend and I drove out to see the Tree of Life, a lone mesquite tree standing in intense heat with (...)
Inge Morath Delivery of wood and coal. Venice, Italy. 1955. “I adjusted the camera and pressed the shutter release as soon as everything was exactly the way I wanted it. It was like a revelation. To realise i (...)
Wissam Nassar (The Everyday Projects) Salem bathes his 5 year-old daughter and niece in the only surviving piece of his wartorn house in Gaza. 2015. “This image marked a turning point in my career -- a time when my images from war we (...)
Emin Özmen Gezi Park, where civil unrest began in May 2013 after the violent eviction of a sit-in at the park protesting an urban development plan. Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd that had gathered (...)
Trent Parke Australia. 2019. “Every morning through winter while shooting my project The Crimson Line, I would stop at these crossroads before sunrise and have to make a decision. Turn left, right, or go st (...)
Martin Parr Bedminster, Bristol, England, GB. 1995. “In 1995 I bought a ring flash and a macro lens, a combination usually associated with medical photography. My first project was to take photos of British f (...)
Paolo Pellegrin Ethnic Albanian refugees, fleeing Kosovo, arrive at Morinë, Albania. 1999 "This image represents a suite of turning points, both in terms of the geopolitical and humanitarian implications - and p (...)
Gilles Peress Market street scene reflected in a mirror. Teheran, Iran. 1979.

Gilles Peress © Gilles Peress | Magnum Photos
Holly Pickett (The Everyday Projects) Protesters tear down an image of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from a building in Cairo, Egypt. Friday, January 28, 2011. “This photograph represents a turning point for Egyptians and for me—a (...)
Gueorgui Pinkhassov Balcony of a hotel. Seville, Andalucia, Spain. 1993. “When the labyrinth finally brought me outside, the elevator doors softly closed, and their reflecting surface showed a picturesque image that (...)
Mark Power Swap Shop Drive-in Movie Theater, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. “My visit to Florida in November 2012 proved to be a turning point in two ways. Firstly, it marked the beginning of my relationsh (...)
Guy Le Querrec Dong Shan Shi Shi (western mountain) granite mine, rented by the local government, exploited since 1979. Village of Ta Zha, Fujian Province, China. Between 10am and 2pm. Friday, April 14, 1989. “I (...)
Miora Rajaonary (The Everyday Projects) Hanta, a Sakalava woman from Antanimalandy, in Northwest Madagascar, in her lamba garment in December 2017. She wears the Malagasy traditional mask, the Masonjoany, made from the same tree that gro (...)
Eli Reed Homeless mother with children. St Louis, Missouri, USA. 1987. “A battered woman and her three children were homeless, living in her car after escaping from a brutal husband in St. Louis, Missouri. (...)
Lua Ribeira Settat, Morocco. 2019 “This image is from an ongoing project working with Moroccan youth who are trying to cross the border into Europe. They attempt — through various means — to jump onto the fe (...)
George Rodger Portrait of a Latuka warrior dressed for a ceremony wearing a brass helmet decorated with ostrich breast feathers and crane quills. Kordofan state, Southern Sudan. 1949. “A founding member of Ma (...)
Zied Ben Romdhane A man calling for his donkey. Sagdoud, Gafsa, Tunisia. 2015. “In the late 19th century, specifically in 1889, the French occupiers of Tunisia brought labor from different regions to Gafsa in ord (...)
Isadora Romero (The Everyday Projects) A man seems to float on the Mascarilla River in the Chota Valley in Ecuador. During the weekend, families take advantage of the morning to bathe and play in the river. “The Chota Valley is commonl (...)
Mustafa Saeed (The Everyday Projects) Vintage spirit. Does culture around me define me? “Integrating simple elements can reflect the visual landscape of everyday somewhere. Home is a vision about relations, displacement, and coexist (...)
Fethi Sahraoui (The Everyday Projects) Ismael and his friends preparing to jump in the basin of the water tower, Mascara, Algeria. 2016. “Children having fun inside a water tower -- I have no doubt it's a spot I wouldn't have discover (...)
Moises Saman Marja’s newly appointed district chief Hagi Zahir (far top left) meets with local elders in Marja’s district center, days after US Marines fought an intense battle against the Taliban who had been (...)
Alessandra Sanguinetti Christen. New York, USA. 1992. "Back in the summer of 1992 I moved in with my grandfather in Brooklyn. I had just quit University in Buenos Aires and was waiting to begin a year at ICP. I’d go o (...)
Ferdinando Scianna New York, USA. 1986.

“New York light is golden, but this misty morning was magic.”

– Ferdinando Scianna © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos
Jérôme Sessini Bashiqa, Iraq. November 7, 2016. “A Peshmerga fighter mourns his comrade, a tank driver, after he was killed by an ISIS sniper during the offensive on Bashiqa. My personal life and my life as a p (...)
David Seymour Sophia Loren during the production of La Bella Mugnaia. Rome, Italy. 1955. “David ‘Chim’ Seymour’s 1955 photo of Sophia Loren turning around in her chair in Rome, captured a turning point in her (...)
Charlie Shoemaker (The Everyday Projects) Friends and families spend a hot Sunday afternoon relaxing in the Gozalandia Waterfalls in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. May 28, 2017. “This image was made shortly after I made a decision to focus a l (...)
Marilyn Silverstone Delhi Palam airport, India. 1968 “In 1968, John Lennon, George Harrison and their wives arrived in Delhi, India, bursting with enthusiasm en route to meet the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for the first t (...)
Sim Chi Yin “Another departure, another flight. Each journey to a place known or unknown is ripe with potential to be a pivot in one’s life. The year this image was taken on a bus shuttle to an early morning f (...)
W. Eugene Smith Welsh Miners. Wales, Great Britain. 1950. © The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith “In 1950, LIFE magazine sent W. Eugene Smith to cover the general election in Britain which pitted incumbent Labour Party P (...)
Lindokuhle Sobekwa Geraldine and her husband in their new home. Daleside, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2019. “This image is from a photo series on a community called Daleside, where my mother worked when I was a chi (...)
Jacob Aue Sobol My wife and my daughter. "After a devastating clinical depression three years ago, I slowly made it back from the dark. I moved from the city to the countryside. From photographer to fisherman. I (...)
Mohamed Somji (The Everyday Projects) A group of people pose for a photo atop a frankincense tree in Salalah, Oman. 2015. “I was in Salalah for a short holiday, and a friend and I were enjoying the sight of this lonely frankincense t (...)
Alec Soth Sydney. Tallahassee, Florida. 2004 “In 2004 I shot one of my first traveling editorial assignments in Tallahassee, Florida. I photographed a second-rate celebrity for an equally unimpressive magaz (...)
Chris Steele-Perkins Disco. Wolverhampton, England, GB. 1978. “This photograph is a turning point for me in that for years after it was taken, the photograph was not much used or purchased, but gradually, over the las (...)
Dennis Stock James Dean. Fairmount, Indiana, USA. 1955. “This photo of James Dean was taken when the actor returned to the town where he spent his youth, and visited his old high school. Dean had just finished (...)
Mikhael Subotzky Maplank and Naomi, Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison. Cape Town, South Africa. 2004. Inkjet print framed and mounted on Dibond with face-mounted toughened glass smashed by the artist. “In January (...)
Daro Sulakauri (The Everyday Projects) A young girl and her grandparents live in this house during the summers, a standard practice for farming families in the Mountainous Adjara region of Georgia. Usually, the houses are more than one (...)
Newsha Tavakolian Lake Urmia, colored red by salt-loving bacteria and algae. Iran. 2016. “An Iranian couple staring out over the Urmia salt lake in northwestern Iran. The lake was drying up and seemed beyond savin (...)
Larry Towell Cannon Ball, North Dakota, USA. September, 2016. 
 “The Standing Rock protest camp in North Dakota marked a historic change in the way North American native people would respond to the invasion (...)
Ami Vitale (The Everyday Projects) Seeing through a giraffe’s eyes, Ntepes Primary School in Wamba, Samburu County, Kenya. “After covering conflicts for almost a decade, I realized that even for wildlife and nature stories, I can (...)
Sarah Waiswa (The Everyday Projects) Young boys pose for a photo at the Amahoro Stadium, following their participation in the Kigali Peace Marathon. 2019. “The Kigali International Peace Marathon was started in 2004 with a goal of u (...)
Alex Webb Grenada. 1979. “As a young photographer, I was utterly committed to working exclusively in black and white, viewing color as crass and commercial—not where the true heart of photography lay. In th (...)
Patrick Zachmann Chang An Avenue, Beijing, China. May 17th, 1989. “I went to Beijing in 1989 while I was working on my book project W. or the eye of a long-nose. I was saturated with photographing the older Chines (...)
Adriana Zehbrauskas (The Everyday Projects) Don Gerardo and his mare, La Rubia, in Huehuetonoc, Guerrero, Mexico. 2016. “While photographing the families of the 43 disappeared students from Guerrero, Mexico, I asked the families for perso (...)

Turning Points, the April 2020 Magnum Square Print Sale in collaboration with The Everyday Projects, brings together a selection of over 120 images by international photographers and visual artists. The participating photographers have scoured personal archives in search of images that represent changes in the course of history, society, a life, or an artistic practice.

When this theme was settled upon, few involved foresaw the changes that would develop across the globe over coming weeks. With the world facing unprecedented challenges in the face of a sprawling pandemic, reflections around personal fulcrums, social tipping-points, and geo-political crossroads seem eerily apt. Magnum photographers will be donating 50% of their proceeds from the sale to Médecins Sans Frontières’s COVID-19 emergency response. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. Magnum photographers have worked regularly with MSF for more than 40 years.

Learn more about their efforts here.

Update: We are delighted to announce that a private charitable donor will now match Magnum photographers’ donations, up to $500,000.

This sale also represents the first collaboration between Magnum Photos and The Everyday Projects, a global network that began as Everyday Africa in 2012. Their aim was to challenge media-driven stereotypes that were affecting the continent by sharing images of everyday life made by a community of contributing photographers living or working there extensively. The viral success of this first iteration of the project led to an expanding international movement with like-minded storytellers worldwide using photography to combat cliché and celebrate global commonalities.

These images are now available as 6”x6” museum quality prints for one week only. The images are accompanied by statements from the photographers and estates, reproduced on archival-quality labels on the reverse of the print. You can see the full curation and read these texts in the slideshow above, and on the Magnum Shop, here.

Turning points occur on a scale that spans extremes; the global or national, and the most personal of moments. Photographers by their trade and disposition are often well placed to record events that shape the course of history, yet the nature of artistic practice means that changes within their own craft and outlook are also reflected and documented in the images they make. The texts that accompany these images hint toward chance experiments which redirect long-established practices, life-changing experiences in the face of conflict and social unrest, personal milestones in an artist’s life or career, and of course the moments in time – captured on camera – which rerouted history.

These 121 prints, all signed or estate-stamped, are available for $100 each until 6 p.m. EST on Sunday, April 12. You can see the full selection in the slideshow above, and on the Magnum Shop, here.


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